Welcome to SC4Evermore, the newest independent fansite in the SimCity 4 community!  We hope that you'll enjoy your stay here, and that you find the site to be a useful resource that helps you to get more enjoyment out of SC4 and its massive array of custom content, some two decades after its release.


14 May 2024

Colossus Addon Mod 2.5 - Release Candidate 1

Colossus Addon Mod (CAM) 2.5 - Release Candidate (RC) 1 is finally available.

This version of CAM is mostly for preliminary testing and gathering your feedback to make corrections and deliver you a better CAM. Because of this there may be some bugs and missing features that will be added in the next version RC 2 (NO ETA).

For this reason it is highly recommended to run CAM 2.5 on a new region where you can test the new features and general bugfixes for SC4.

All information is indicated on this thread where you can comment and also request to include other patches that you think are important.


- Ulisse Wolf

14 February 2024

The Future of SC4 Modding: The Matter of Digital vs. Disc, and Windows vs. macOS in the DLL Era

In the link is the official statement on the issue of which versions of SC4 will be supported by the community. The decision was made as a result of discussions and on the development of the Mod DLLs that led has made this drastic choice.

It is recommended to read the whole statement as the reasons and possible solutions are given so that you can get the versions compatible with the new community stardards


- Ulisse Wolf

11 February 2024






- Ulisse Wolf

29 January 2024

First of all, we hope everybody doing well in the new year. 

Well after wresting with the BSC Common Dependencies (as of 15 December 2023 Version 8 is the latest and most recent - but definitely not the last - version of the dependency compilation) and with a busy RL and work period at the end of the year and begining of the new year in the last one month I was working on rehosting most of the last remaining dependnecy-type uploads that were mostly exclusive to SC4D LEX (actually some of them might have been uploaded to STEX too). There are a few bits, dots and comas that need to be done on STEX (mostly redirecting some stuffs or replacing, I don't know yet), but as a result in the past little bit more than a week, there were uploaded 42 "new" contents (formerly available on LEX in some form - though during the restoration process most of these files got updated) and another 18 previously uploaded content got updated.

The following table contains the links for the recently uploaded new and updated contents:



Real RailWay (RRW) Reskin 3rd Party Lot Support v3.48 (also available on STEX)
NCD-BSC RealRailway Texture Pack V2 by eggman121 and rivit
CPT Terrain Essentials No8 and No9 v2.1
SM2-SW-IJ RRW Legacy Mega Textures (also available on STEX) MAS71 Mega Prop Pack vol01 - Misc
SC4D LEX Legacy - BSC-TSC Girafe Winterpack SC4D LEX Legacy - BSC LK33 Terrain Seasonal Flora Patch V2 (with Java installer)
BSC-VIP Girafe Agripack Vol01 v2 SC4D LEX Legacy - BSC Cycledogg Tree Controllers V2 (with Java installer)
BSC-VIP Girafe Parisian Transportation vol01 (also available on STEX) SC4D LEX Legacy - BSC LK33 Appalachian Terrain Mod V3 (with Java installer)
Cogeo Logistics Centre Dependency Pack V2 SC4D LEX Legacy - BSC Cycledogg Terrain Mods V2 (with Java installer)
BSC-VIP Girafe Flags SC4D LEX Legacy - APTX Dependencies Pack V1 (with Java installer)
BSC-TSC Girafe French Road Signs SC4D LEX Legacy - ks_JPN Dependencies Pack V2 (with Java installer)
BSC-VIP Girafe Train Corail SC4D LEX Legacy - NOB Dependencies Pack V2 (with Java installer)
BSC-VIP Girafe Train Corail HD and BB26000 SC4D LEX Legacy - SOMY Dependencies Pack V2 (with Java installer)
BSC-VIP Girafe Train CC72000 SC4D LEX Legacy - BSC VIP Girafe Flora V3 (with Java installer)
BSC-TSC Girafe Train Capitole BSC CP Ploppable Rocks Complete Set v2
BSC-VIP Girafe Train TGV Duplex BSC CP MMPs for CP MEGA Prop Packs
BSC-VIP Girafe 4 Rue Des Lilas v2 BSC CP Maxis Oak Replacement Mod v2
BSC-VIP Girafe Villa Libeskind v2 BSC CP Maxis Palm To Aspen v2
BSC-VIP Girafe Chalet Edelweiss BSC CP Maxis Palm To Lodgepole v2
BSC-VIP Girafe CB21 Tower (also available on STEX) JENX-Porkie Expanded Porkie Props 
(there was no functional update, only the documentation changed a bit)
BSC-VIP Girafe EDF Tower (also available on STEX) Porkissimo MEGA Props vol01 v2
BSC-VIP Girafe Lenin Mausoleum  
BSC-VIP Girafe Ocean Pearl Yacht
BSC-VIP Girafe-Mattb325 Moscow Christ The Saviour Cathedral
BNL FrankU Essentials V2.1 (also available on STEX)
Mattb325-SimCoug Historic Shops (also available on STEX)
Kelis - Tsutenkaku Tower
BNL Kelis Wilhelminatoren
ITC Pat Texture Pack Vol01
KSTeam S54 - Prop Pack Vol01
Maxis Plugins Landmarks DLC
NUTs Props Pack A v2
SC4D LEX Legacy - Mozukuss Dependency Pack V1 (with Java installer)
SC4D LEX Legacy - Raika Dependency Pack V1 (with Java installer)
SC4D LEX Legacy - Torremayor Dependency Pack V1
SC4D LEX Legacy - NHP Dependency Compilation
SC4D LEX Legacy - XDs Parking Lot Dependency Pack
SMP Yoman Prop Pack Vol01
Tabi Mega Prop Pack vol04 - Navy Ship Sets
SOMY Danchi Apartments (LEX)
SOMY Modern Japanese House Set (LEX)
ncd Railyard Texture Mega-Pack Vol01 v3 (also available on STEX)
ncd Railyard Texture Mega-Pack Vol02 (also available on STEX)
Jondor Modular RR Props - Phase 1 (with Java installer)


- Tyberius06

10 December 2023

  • After 3+ months of effort, the new version of the BSC Common Dependencies (Version 7) has finally gone online, and can be picked up here at SC4E.  This is still not the final (if there ever be such thing), but hopefully apart from the BSC Essentials, the rest of the prop packs don't need any tweaks, so more or less, this 7th version is pretty much the final version of the dependency packs.

    It is highly recommended (kind of essential) to read the changelog in the provided readme as this version contains a huge number of changes, updated old and brand new dependency pack compilations. This compilation was kind of essential for going forward with our plans to rehost the rest of the former SC4Devotion LEX collections. 

    One general change is that now all the prop and texture pack names have a unified naming format, they are lining up alphabetically after each other in the BSCProps and BSCTextures folder. That means that all the previous props packs (even those which did not received any technical updates) have been renamed if they did not follow this unified naming format.

    Another significant change is that many of the previous prop packs received small updates/fixes or model/prop expansions, and in a very few cases, some models/props were cut out from one pack and added to another. Most of the expansions were added to support LOTters to get necessary props and models easier, or cleaning up leftover models and props, or to support those cases when both CAMelot and NON-CAM lots are using the same models.

  • After a long wait we are finally ready to reveal Network Addon Mod 48 to the public. Live streaming will take place on Thursday, December 14 at 1 AM CET (7 PM EDT). During the live streaming you can interject with the NAM Team members where you can ask questions or suggestions to the NAM Team members. This is the link where you can watch the live streaming: https://www.youtube.com/live/K-XH4OvMk4s?si=xlIWyK6b17Uhzlr8 We have also made the⁠"Introducing Network Addon Mod 48" thread in the SC4E Discord Forum Channel,where you can liberally discuss and theorize about the content that will be contained in NAM 48. There is also a similar space on Simtropolis. To celebrate this moment, we decided to create a goliardic poster also to celebrate the announcement of a highly anticipated game See you on December 14 at 1 AM CET (7 PM EDT) with #networkaddonmod48
    Have fun and good building, mayors!
    (Please note that as with any NAM release, there will be no announced release date or timeline for release for NAM 48--and no, it will not be a Christmas release.)

26 September 2023

  • LEX Files: Around 1300 LEX files have now been restored (typically as parts of larger packs rather than as their original single downloads).  New LEX Legacy Packs will continue to be added, but as we have encountered technical issues with some of the original files, this has slowed the process.  We thank the community for its continued patience and support as we try to restore this content, and do it properly.
  • SC4 Multiplayer (SC4MP): For those unfamiliar with SC4MP, it is a tool that allows SC4 to be played in real-time multiplayer mode. The SC4Evermore Staff is interested to know your reaction, and that is why our colleague Flann decided to open a SC4MP server.  We have opened a space on the SC4Evermore Discord to discuss the "Flann and Friends" server, and cooperate on progress for the region.  For more information, check the SC4E Discord server here: https://discordapp.com/invite/NsNZHEC
  • New SC4 Challenge (in cooperation with Simtropolis): The theme of the new challenge is Gothic, Horror and/or Supernatural and consists of The Gameplay/City Journal Challenge and The BAT Challenge.  Check out the details here.  The challenge closes on November 5th at 00:00 US Pacific Time.

24 August 2023

  • Around 1200 LEX files have now been restored in modernized form (i.e., combined into organized packs for convenient download) here at SC4Evermore.  That number continues to grow, as we add more files at least a couple times throughout the week.
  • The SC4D LEX Legacy BSC Common Dependencies Pack has been updated to Version 6, fixing a UI-related issue with BSC Essentials.  The Version 5 update previously added the SG Civics Education Models and the EU Flag Pack.
  • The SC4D LEX Legacy - JBSimio Education Compilation has been released, containing School Pack Volumes 01-04, and the University of Clayhurst Starter and Expansion Packs.
  • The Mattb325 LEX Legacy collections now encompass two packs of Residential BATs (Houses and Multi-Unit), two packs of Commercial BATs (standard and W2W), a massive Civics and Rewards pack, and standard and IRM versions for the pack of Industrial BATs.  The combined Lot count covers most of Mattb325's LEX output, though more of his content is still to come.  Dark Nite and Maxis Nite versions are available for each pack.
  • By popular demand, the NAM's Park And Ride Traffic Simulator Plugins are available again, for the first time since the Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool (TSCT) was discontinued in 2022.  As the name suggests, the Park And Ride Plugins prevent the Car transit type from reaching its destination, thereby requiring Sims to park or use mass transit or active transit (walking) to reach the end of their commute.
  • The massive back catalog of .SC4M format maps is available in one big file, courtesy of Ulisse Wolf, including the efforts of dobdriver/drunkapple and NHP stalwarts like blade2k5.
  • In terms of new content, Ulisse Wolf's Fallout Prop Pack Vol 2 is now available.

9 August 2023

  • The SC4D LEX Legacy BSC Common Dependencies Pack has been updated to Version 4, with the primary new additions being further prop packs from Mattb325.
  • Some popularly-requested files have been added to SC4E Downloads, including a LEX Legacy Pack for Mattb325's Residential Multi-Unit BATs (containing 46 LEX files), available in Maxis Nite and Dark Nite versions.  The Mattb325 back catalog is a current priority, and more will be added in the coming days.
  • We are still working to add other popular downloads, in carefully curated, streamlined forms with modernized packaging.  We thank everyone for their patience as we endeavor to provide the best SC4 custom content experience--one that will continue to get better and better in the coming weeks and months.

What is SC4Evermore, and what does it bring to the SC4 community?

SC4Evermore (or SC4E, if you prefer) was founded by long-time SC4 modder and siterunner Tarkus (Network Addon Mod).  It came about as a result of discussions with various active stakeholders in the community, about creating a stable platform through which SC4 custom content can be preserved and shared in an easier-to-access modern form, in the wake of the various software issues that eventually knocked down the LEX downloads section at SC4 Devotion.  Other recent cases of site closures, possible site closures, and instability have only emphasized the need for a solution.

The name itself is a tribute to two community figures, Maxis' Wren Weburg (of Wren Insurance fame), who formerly ran a site called SC4ever, and the "SC4, Forevermore!" catchphrase used by popular BATer DuskTrooper.  Symbolically, SC4E also happens to come directly after SC4D in alphabetical order.  The new name also emphasizes that the site is intended to be a true community effort, and we look forward to sharing more details on this end in the near future.

In addition to the downloads section, the fast-growing SC4 Devotion Discord server will be rebranded under the SC4Evermore name, and is in the process of being upgraded to a Community Server, which will add Forum Channel features and other new features.  SC4D's archived forums and wiki will remain at their original links, and will be accessible via the top menu bar, though note that they may be affected by some of the same technical issues that took down the LEX.  We are exploring the prospects of adding guides and/or a new wiki to SC4E, among other features.

All of the files available on SC4 Devotion's temporary frontpage have been transferred over to SC4E's new exchange, where they are available in a more orderly fashion.  We will continue to add more files to the site in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you find SC4Evermore to be a useful resource to further your enjoyment of SimCity 4!