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  • Original Author: Girafe

Complete pack of Girafe Flora, including props and mayor-mode ploppables (MMPs).

  • Requires Seasonal Flora Patch in order for Seasonal Mayor-Mode Ploppables (MMPs) to work.
  • Updated to Version 2 on 4 September 2023 (fixed file encoding issue preventing Canary Date Palms from being DatPacked, moved _Documents folder out of installer)


  • 20.01.2024 - Update to Version 3
    • Official update in the installer itself
    • the Girafe Wheat and the BSC-TSC Girafe Serbian Spruces v1 have been added to the compilation that concludes all of Girafe's flora that have been released so far.


This package utilizes a Java-based installer (similar to the one used with the Network Addon Mod), and can also be opened and installed manually using 7-Zip or Keka.

To install it, you'll either need the Java Runtime Environment to run the installer--Adoptium's open-source edition is recommended--or a zip tool capable of opening the installer to allow manual installation. For Windows/Linux, use 7-zip, and for macOS, use Keka.

Once into the installer, after agreeing to the terms for the package, click to the Files tab to select which dependencies you wish to install (making no changes here will install everything). Then, click to the Location tab to set up an installation location (this should be the root of your My DocumentsSimCity 4Plugins folder). On the Cleanup tab, click "Start scan" to find any outdated files that currently reside in your Plugins folder that may conflict with this package. Clicking "Backup" will remove these old files to a safe location. (The option to "Delete" them also exists, but is not recommended.)** After this, click over to the Install tab, and click "Start installation" to begin the installation procedure. When installation is complete, the tab pop up a message indicating it, after which you are safe to close the installer.

** Though there is an inbuilt cleanitol function in the installer, at this point it is not working entirely properly so it is highly recommended to run the individual cleanitol files or the master cleanitol for the compilation with one of the following 3rd party cleanitol tools:

nos.17 Cleanitol (new tool released a month ago)

BSC Cleanitol (old, but stable tool)


The following members contributed models, textures, and modding support to this collection:

  • Girafe

This package has been made possible by the Project ZIP efforts of Tyberius06, and was assembled by Tarkus.

Special Thanks

Webmaster & administration staff at SC4 Devotion.

And possibly others who may not have been mentioned. If your name has been forgotten or you're not on the list, then drop us a line, as it has been difficult to keep track of anyone/everyone that may of helped somewhere along the lines.

And to the community itself, we would also like to thank you for your support, making mods such as this possible too. We're still at it after 20 years thanks to you!

And last but not least, a thanks for the Maxis individuals too, for the [paid] work that they did. ;-)


This package contains the following formerly available single Flora Packs from Girafe:

  • MM Flora separator
  • Serbian Spruces v1
    this is the older BSC-TSC version - new addition to Version 3
  • Abies Grandis v1
  • Abies Grandis v2
  • Alders
  • Ashes v2
  • Beeches 3
  • Berries
  • Birches v2
  • Bushes v2
  • Canary Date Palms
  • Cattails v2.1
  • Chestnuts
  • Common Spruce
  • Conifers
  • Cypresses
  • Daisy v2
  • Elms
  • Feather Grass
  • Honey locust
  • Larches
  • Lindens
  • Lupins
  • Maples
  • Maples v2
  • Narcissus
  • Norway maples v2
  • Oaks v2
  • Parasol Pine
  • Poplar
  • Poppies
  • Rowan trees v3
  • Serbian Spruces v2
  • Sparaxis
  • Subalpine firs
  • Vines v
  • Walnut Trees
  • Wheat - new addition to Version 3
    Bear in mind that the Girafe Wheat can also be found in the BSC-VIP Girafe AgriPack vol01 v2

Various pieces of original documentation can be found in the "~Documents" folder, which, while installed in the Plugins directory, should be removed.

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