About SC4Evermore

What is SC4Evermore?

SC4Evermore (SC4E) is an independent fansite dedicated to EA Maxis' landmark 2003 city simulation title SimCity 4 Deluxe, focused on improving the accessibility, availability, and preservation of the vast array of user-generated downloadable content for the game, including Mods, Buildings (BATs), Lots, Prop and Texture Packs, Maps, and Tools.

SC4E was founded by Tarkus, from the ashes of SC4 Devotion, to provide a more permanent and navigable hosting solution for the files from SC4 Devotion's Lot Exchange (LEX), and also further foster cross-site community collaboration on improving the custom content ecosystem for SimCity 4.  The site includes a downloads section, an active Discord community server, and the archives of SC4 Devotion's forums and wiki.

The site's name is a reference back to Maxis employee Wren Weburg's former site, SC4ever, popular BATer DuskTrooper's proclamations of "SC4 Forevermore" in the mid/late-00s, and also to the fact that SC4E comes after SC4D alphabetically.


  • Tarkus (Site Owner)
  • art128
  • Shadow Assassin
  • Tyberius06
  • Ulisse Wolf


SC4Evermore is not affiliated with or endorsed by Electronic Arts (EA), its subsidiary Maxis, or any other associated companies.  It is an independent, non-commercial fansite.

Users download, install, and run files from SC4Evermore completely and solely at their own risk. Maxis, Electronic Arts, the creators, and its individual contributors are not responsible for any errors, crashes, problems, or any other issue that you may have if you have downloaded and applied these software packages to your game.