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  • Original Author: wouanagaine
SC4 PIM by wouanag SC4 PIM by wouanagaine HOT

SC4 PIM by wouanagaine

SC4PIM is a "better" Maxis PIM and Maxis LotEditor

version RC8c updloaded
With the new 2022 and 2023 update of SC4PIM New Properties XML (including Z1's updates on the TSEC and transportation capacity properites and some minor bug fixes by Tyberius06)

Also known as X-tool, X-PIM, SC4 PIM-X

<<Support thread>>

Please follow the installation order as it is packaged in the uploaded ZIP. For easier installation process and use all the previously separately available patches, guide and other necessary files are in this package:

  • SetupSC4PIM.exe
  • latest version of the new_properties.xml and settings.ini files
  • PIM_X_Win7SP1_Patch (aka multiarray.pyd bugfix; Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 and Windows 11 users should install this file) Without, PIM-X will crash immediately while loading
  • necessary DLLs (the program works with these ones, read the included readme in the individual folder, please)
  • SC4PIM compatibility mode set-up (it's an image that shows how to set-up the compatibility mode for PIM-X. It is necessary to avoid issues running the program)
  • SC4 PIM User Guide

Special thanks to Ripplejet aka "superformulaman"
Special thanks to Barbyw aka "the goddess"
Without any special order many thanks to Callagrafx, Andreas, jmyers2043, SimGoober, Colyn, Vester, Swamper77, Serkanner, Jplumbley, vil, Indisguise, simrolle, JBSimio, Daeley, Rayden, jestarr,freedo50, marcszar, SandraSim1, sawtooth, D66, Sam, M4346, Couchpotato, rooker1, c.p., Heblem, Tag_one, jeronij, xxdita, mattb325, zero7, diggis, tooheys, Hogmeister, Shadow Assassin, Capo, BigSlark, citynut, Travis, paroch, jmouse, Unassigned, Cockato-210893, sarjm, Sithlrd98, CasperVg

German Translation : Andreas
Various graphics logo/icons/signatures: Callagrafx

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