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  • Original Author: Porkissimo and Xannepan

The expanded/remastered version of Porkie Props by xannepan (JENX).

Change Log:
updated on 23.01.2024

  • change of readme and cleanitol location within the zip
  • there wasn't any functional update or edit in the files, they stayed unchanged.
  • updated description, added TAGs and images to the download page

This prop pack replacing the following contents:

  • PorkieProps-Vol1.dat
  • PorkieProps-Vol2.dat
  • JENXPARIS_Tweaked_PorkieProps-Vol1.dat

It contains props/models (mostly offset props) from several Porkissimo uploads like Paramounth Opera, Rue Meyerbeer, Large Police Department, also it contains the props based on the Porkie Props vol01 models from the former JENXPARIS_Prop_Pack_Vol02.dat

Xannepan's note on the revisited JENXPARIS_Tweaked_PorkieProps-Vol1.dat which was released with the Quais de Seine sets:

- The JENXPROP_Tweaked_PorkieProps-Vol1.dat replaces PorkieProps-Vol1.dat. I activated anti-aliasing on some of these props, which gives a better results. Additionally I created prop families to allow for some variation.

Credit goes to Porkissimo for all the models and most of the props, also for Xannepan for the additional editing and props and prop families. 
This compilation (and some editing) was made by Tyberius06

Installation: copy/extract the Porkissimo parent folder into your Plugins. The "~Documents" folder contains definition files for BSC Cleanitol, to remove any older files superseded by the original MEGA Props packs. 

It is highly recommended to run the provided cleanitol file for the compilation with one of the following 3rd party cleanitol tools:

nos.17 Cleanitol (new tool)

BSC Cleanitol (old tool)

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