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DgVoodoo 2 - SimCity 4 Edi DgVoodoo 2 - SimCity 4 Edition

DgVoodoo 2 - SimCity 4 Edition

This package allows a quick installation of DgVoodoo 2 for SimCity 4 and its configuration. It also offers solutions on how to solve possible compatibility problems with DgVoodoo 2 and SC4 with modern CPUs.

Before installing DgVoodoo 2 "SC4 Version" you must make sure that the 4GB Patch is applied as it is essential for the corect operation of DgVoodoo 2.

Generally the 4GB Patch is included in NAM 40 or later versions and CAM 2.5 or later versions but in the case the 4GB Patch was included in this package.



1) Copy the contents of the SimCity 4 folder inside the SimCity 4 installation folder and overwrite the indicated files during the transfer step
2) Go inside the APPS folder and drag SimCity4.exe to 4gb_patch.exe to apply the 4 GB patch.
3) Depending on your GPU you need to follow the Fixes given in the other text files in the package. 
   3a) If you have Nvidia GPUs then you need to follow the procedures indicated on Intel GPU Fix.txt.
   3b) If you have AMD GPU then you need to follow the procedures indicated on AMD GPU Fix.txt
   3c) If you have NVIDIA GPU then you need to follow the procedures given on NVIDIA GPU Fix.txt
4) Run with admin permissions DgVoodoocpl.exe and set the following paramenters.

            General Seetings

   Output API -> DirectX 11 Features level 11
   Adapter(s) to use / enable -> Select your GPU
   Full Screen Mode -> Default
   Appearance -> Full Screen
   Scaling Mode -> Unspecified
   Miscellanneous -> Select Keep Windows Aspect Ratio and Capture Mouse. Deselect Center App Window
   Color Adjustments -> Brightnes: 100% - Color: Norm - Contrast: 100% - Select Inherit Profile in Full Screen Mode

            Glide Seetings

   3DFX Cards -> Voodoo 2 (8MB / 12 MB, 2 TMUs)
   Onboard RAM -> 12 MB
   Texturing Memory Size / TMU -> 4096 KB
   Texturing Number of TMUs -> 2
   Texturing Filtering -> App Driven
   Resolution -> Unforced
   Antialiasing (MSAA) -> App Driven
   Miscellanneous -> Select only Enable Glide Gamma Ramp and Force vSync. Everything else must be unchecked

            DirectX Seetings

   Uncheck Disable and Passthru to Real DirectX
   Videocard -> dgVoodoo Virtual 3D Accelerated Card
   VRAM -> 4096 MB
   Texturing Filtering -> App Driven
   Texturing -> Uncheck Force Filter only if not Point Sampled and Disable Mipmapping.
   Resolution -> Unforced
   Behavior -> Select Application Controlled Fullscreen / windowed state and Disable Alt-Enter to Toggle Screen State
   Antialiasing (MSAA) -> App Driven
   Miscellanneous -> Select only Force vSync. Everything else should be unchecked.

5)You have completed the configuration procedure of DgVoodoo2 on SimCity 4.

If you want to run a verification test to see if DgVoodoo is working corectually you have to follow the following procedure

6) Run with admin permissions DgVoodoocpl.exe and set the following paramenters.

            DirectX Seetings

   Miscellanneous -> Select dgVoodoo Watermark

7) Start the game. If you see the dgVoodoo Watermark, it means that you have correctly configured DgVoodoo 2 for Simcity 4.  If you do not see it then you have not configured DgVoodoo 2 correctly. Return to step 3

8) Exit the game

9) Run with admin permissions DgVoodoocpl.exe and set the following paramenters.

            DirectX Seetings

   Miscellanneous -> uncheck dgVoodoo Watermark

10) Configuration completed



Thanks to the original creator DgVoodoo 2 (dege-diosg) for developing a wrapper that converts old DirectX calls to DirectX 9/11/12 calls. You can find his work here

Thanks to RSC204 / MBG for developed the Graphics Rules.sgr and Video Cards.sgr files of SimCity 4 making the game compatible with DgVoodoo

Thanks to the creator of the 4GB Patch for developing the tool that allows SimCity 4 to use 4GB of RAM instead of 2GB of RAM

Thanks to jdenm8 for posting a solution to improve SimCity 4 compatibility on AMD video cards

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