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  • Original Author: SimGoober

This SC4 Devotion LEX Legacy Pack features the Residential Houses by legendary BSC BATer SimGoober, which had been available on the Lot Exchange (LEX) at SC4 Devotion and also on the Simtropolis STEX. It includes the contents of 36 previously separate downloads (including one previously unavailable "lost" content, the Schmucker House).
After battling a number of technical issues, software incompatibility ultimately shuttered the LEX (at least in its familiar form from 2007 onward) in June 2023, and this package is designed to collect these dependencies in an easy-to-use form, allowing users to install them all in one go, or carefully select exactly which packs they wish to install.

Please note that this pack may receive updates in the near future. Do not redistribute without asking first, mostly as doing so would complicate efforts to properly maintain, update, and provide technical support for the pack.

Bear in mind this Lot Collection contains lots which will only grow/work if CAM (Colossus Addon Mod) is installed.
In this installer the CAM folder (which contains the CAM lots) is NOT selected by default, if you play with the Colossus Addon Mod and wish to use these CAMelots you need to select the folder manually when you run the installer.


This package utilizes a Java-based installer (similar to the one used with the Network Addon Mod), and can also be opened and installed manually using 7-Zip or Keka.

To install it, you'll either need the Java Runtime Environment to run the installer--Adoptium's open-source edition is recommended--or a zip tool capable of opening the installer to allow manual installation. For Windows/Linux, use 7-zip, and for macOS, use Keka.

Once into the installer, after agreeing to the terms for the package, click to the Files tab to select which dependencies you wish to install (making no changes here will install everything). Then, click to the Location tab to set up an installation location (this should be the root of your My DocumentsSimCity 4Plugins folder). After this, click over to the Install tab, and click "Start installation" to begin the installation procedure. When installation is complete, the tab pop up a message indicating it, after which you are safe to close the installer.

It is highly recommended to run the cleanitol with the installer and remove any previous versions from your plugins.
Optionally in the ~Documents folder in the main ZIP you can find a collective and optionally separately all the individual cleanitol files and by using either the newer nos.17's SC4 Cleanitol or the older BSC Cleanitol tool you can search and remove old and outdated versions of these files.


The following files are required in order for the contents of this package to appear correctly (i.e., no "brown boxes" or missing textures):

      • BSC Essentials
      • BSC SG Residential Models vol01 v3
      • BSC SG Residential Models vol02 v3
      • BSC SG Residential Models vol03 v3
      • BSC SG Residential Models vol04 v3
      • BSC MEGA Props SG Vol01 v4
      • BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01
      • BSC MEGA Props Gascooker Vol01 v2
      • BSC MEGA Props MJB Vol01 v3
      • BSC MEGA Props D66 Vol01 v3
      • BSC MEGA Props D66 Vol03
      • BSC MEGA Props SWI21 Vol01 v4
      • BSC MEGA Props DAE Vol01 v3
      • BSC MEGA Props MISC Vol01 v2
      • BSC MEGA Props Misc Vol02 v4
      • CSX MEGA Props Vol01 v3
      • BSC Textures Vol01
      • BSC Textures Vol02
      • BSC TexturePack Cycledogg V01b


The following BSC members contributed models, textures, and modding support to this collection:

  • SimGoober

This package was assembled by Tyberius06.

Special Thanks

Webmaster & administration staff at SC4Evermore and SC4 Devotion.

For memo for subsequent updates on the NAM/Java installer.

And possibly others who may not have been mentioned. If your name has been forgotten or you're not on the list, then drop us a line, as it has been difficult to keep track of anyone/everyone that may of helped somewhere along the lines.

And to the community itself, we would also like to thank you for your support, making mods such as this possible too. We're still at it after 20 years thanks to you!

And last but not least, a thanks for the Maxis individuals too, for the [paid] work that they did. ;-)


This package contains the following previously-separate downloads (where you see links in those cases the original uploads are still available, but the contents of this package are superior compared to those old versions) . Some of the Lots contained in the package exceed Stage 8, and therefore require the use of the Colossus Addon Mod (CAM). See the notes, which contents require CAM to be installed. 

    • SG Residential Lot Collection Vol04 - Hi-Rise Blocks
    • Mobil Homes (stage 1 and stage 2 and stage 3 R$ lots)
    • Apartment Block Set (stage 4 and stage 5 R$ lots)
    • Mary Sue (stage 4 and stage 5 R$$ lots)
    • Susan B Anthony Building (residentials and museum) (stage 4 and stage 5 R$$ lots)
    • Schmucker House (residential and museum) (stage 4 R$$$ lot)
    • Elwood Tower (stage 8 and stage 9 R$ lots) - the stage 9 lot Requires CAM
    • Pencil Towers (stage 9 and stage 10 and stage 11 R$ lots) - Requires CAM

Various pieces of original documentation can be found in the "~Documents" folder, which, while installed in the Plugins directory, should be removed.

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