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Romualdillo - Spanish Low Wealth Residental Romualdillo - Spanish Low Wealth Residental Lots


This lot set was designed with manually set occupancy stats aiming for more realistic numbers on residents. It's stats for residents are much lower/different that what you would get with Maxis PIM or SC4 PIM-X. It seems because of this playing with this lot set requires a more restricted gameplay. Since there seems to be a clear intention that it was deliberatey designed this way, we did not update/adjust the values, but in the future, if time allows us, there's gonna be a new adjusted lot set provided which will be more in balance with the general game play.


This is a low wealth and low density residential set inspired in Spanish urban architecture from 1800's to 1920's. You can find this architecture in large areas of Spain and South America. 
This kind of houses are a variation of traditional Roman-Arabic houses in Spain, which were built around an inner courtyard. By the years most of these houses were split into two houses, now with side-yards. During the XIX century new houses were built already in such way due to the lack of space in the fast growing cities.
I tried to make the houses to match the style of as many countries as possible, so perhaps you won't recognize any special country in them. I hope you like them.
This is my first building set.
Lots' Information:
* Zone: Residential
* Density: Low Density
* Wealth: Low Wealth
* Building Style: European
* Lot Sizes: 1x2,1x3,2x2,2x3 (corner lots: 1x2, 2x2)
* Inhabitants: 7 to 35 (7 per home)
The lots represent different growth stages. You'll find lots with a lot of free space and others totally built. Normally all the free spaces disappear with the natural city growth.
Please use the provided Cleanitol_Romualdillo Spanish R$ Residental Lots.txt to remove the old files by  one of the 3rd party cleanitol tools:
*****Installing Instructions*****
Copy/extract the Romualdillo parent folder into your plugins. If you extracted the ~Documents folder into your plugins, too, it's highly recommended to keep it, but move it out of the Plugins folder.
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