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Tabi Mega Prop Pack vol04 - Navy Ship Tabi Mega Prop Pack vol04 - Navy Ship Sets

The most complete (as we know of currently) collection of Tabi's Navy Ship Sets models and props together in one mega prop pack. Some of these packs were already available on LEX or on and as forum attachments here and there since Tabi's original site ( went down many years ago, but a more coherent and widely available solution was necessary, so I compiled this mega prop pack (along with 3 others to cover Tabi's full collection**).

**Bear in mind that the other three Tabi MEGA Prop Packs are part of the SC4D LEX Legacy - Ultimate Airport Pack


This is a DEPENDENCY file for supporting lots. There isn't any ingame ploppable or growable item in this pack. You can use these models and props to decorate your own LOTs using them with SC4PIM-X or Maxis Loteditor.

This mega prop pack completely replaces the following single prop packs:

Tabi Navy Force Amphibious Warfare Vessels Props
Tabi Navy Force Auxiliary Ships Props
Tabi Navy Force Submarine Props
Tabi Navy Force Surface Combatants Props

It is highly recommended to run the provided Cleanitol_Tabi Mega Prop Pack vol04.txt cleanitol file for the compilation with one of the following 3rd party cleanitol tools, which can help you remove the old packs or you can remove them manually:

nos.17 Cleanitol (new tool)

BSC Cleanitol (old tool)


Installation: Extract/Copy the Tabi parent folder into your Plugins.

Readme and prop catalogue index image: ~Documents/TABI_Readmes


Credit goes to Tabi/tabinohito for all the models and most of the prop descriptors.
Thanks for everybody who helped with the restoration over the years.
This compilation (and some editing) was made by Tyberius06

This content has been uploaded under Project ZIP.

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