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  • Original Author: eggman121, rivit, MGB204


This upload has become now the official release of the Real RailWay (RRW) Reskin 3rd Party Lot Support and it is replacing the former and by now obsolete NCD-BSC RealRailway Texture Pack by eggman121 and rivit (both the older V1 and recently made V2 update has become superseded by this update)

This is the updated version of the original NCD Real Railway Texture Override Pack by eggman121, as the original one became a bit outdated. This update contains the more coherent and up to date version of the RRW Reskin 3rd party Lot Supports by rivit, MGB and eggman121. The original files were replaced with the Reskin Kit LotSupport versions and the install folder is now identical with the RRW Reskin folder. Bear in mind this override set is only compatible with the original RealRailway (brownish) texture set. For alternative colour re-skins use the RRW Reskin Kit.

For removing the outdated/old versions you will find the Cleanitol_RRW 3rd Party Lot Support v3.48.txt. Run the script with one of the third party Cleanitol Tools: 

nos.17 Cleanitol (new tool)

BSC Cleanitol (old tool)

In order to make the RRW Reskin (a project to enable the recoloring of the Real Railway) a set of Lot Textures has been created for the Original RRW texture colours. With the help of a number of modders (spotting, making and testing) a very comprehensive coverage has been achieved - roughly 1100 textures.

Older lot textures were made with the Maxis Rail in mind. This set contains RRW versions of those textures. They will not be perfect as they have been algorithmically redrawn. However they match in color, guage and positioning.
If when using them you discover very poor quality please let us know so we can fix them.

The Set contains support for Rail Textures for lots using textures by the following authors:
 NAM core, BSC (incl jes), Cogeo, MGB, PEG, NCD, NOB, APTX, Simmer2 and WMP sets of Lot Textures containing Rail.   


This download contains RRW Override files for:
  1. NCD Railyard Texture Mega-Pack Vol01 (v3) (Railyard Texture Mega-Pack Vol 1.dat*, Railyard Texture Mega-Pack Vol 102.dat and Railyard Texture Mega-Pack Vol01 v3.dat)
  2. Various rail related textures (most of them) that can be found in the BSC Textures packs (vol01-vol03)**
  3. APTX island type railstation textures (8590_RailTexture.dat), that can be found in the APTX Textures Vol01.dat
  4. Various rail related textures from Cogeo.
  5. Various rail related textures from MGB204/rsc204
  6. Various rail related textures from NOB, that can be found in the NOB Texture Pack Vol01_v2.dat (former Ftextures)
  7. Various rail related textures from Pegasus a.k.a. PEGPROD, that can be found now in the PEG-SUPER_TEXTURES.dat
  8. Various rail related textures from Simmer2. Simmer2 has already created his textures for RRW in mind, but used custom colours, wearing etc.. These Reskin overrides in this DAT are transition textures between his RRW textures and whatever RRW Reskin is in use by the player.
  9. Various rail related textures created by the WMP Team, that can be found in the WMP Mega Textures v1.02.
  10. These are the rail related lot support textures that came with the base game or added by the Network Addon Mod.
*The Rail Yard and Spur Textures Mega Pack 1 on STEX is an outdated legacy texture set. It is highly NOT recommended to be used for LOT making. Use instead the NCD Railyard Texture Mega-Pack Vol01 v3.
**The BSC Texture Packs are part of the BSC Common Dependencies Pack and they are still needed since only the rail related textures were updated! So Please keep these file in
your plugins folder!
***The RealRailway_ReSkin_LotSupport_PEG.dat is (more or less) identical with the PEG-SUPER_TEXTURES_RRWOverride.dat that was released with the Pegasus CDK3 Collection.
****A more or less  identical version of this file (RealRailway_Textures_LotSupport.dat) can also be found in the Network Addon Mod.
This update is highly recommended for anyone who is using the Real Railway and wishes for NCD Lots to conform

Change Log

  • The former NCD-BSC RealRailway Texture Pack by eggman121 and rivit (both the older V1 and recently made V2 update) has become superseded by this upload, which is the official Real RailWay (RRW) Reskin 3rd Party Lot Support 
  • The APTX files are the latest addition (found by Tyberius06)
  • the jes files have been merged into the BSC files (req. Tyberius06)
  • a number of NCD102 textures have received corrected IIDs (found by Tyberius06)
  • The RealRailway_ReSkin_LotSupport_PEG.dat now has become (more or less) identical with the PEG-SUPER_TEXTURES_RRWOverride.dat that was released with the Pegasus CDK3 Collection
  as a consequence of these changes, both versions have changed (from v2.47 to v3.48) and previous installs should be removed first before putting this in place.


As these are scattered throughout a number of Mods, Megapacks, Lots and .dats, these Lot Support files need to go after their likely (default) place in the loading sequence. This set should therefore be placed in a special folder Plugins/Z___RRW Reskin i.e. as in this archive. Normally you do this by copying the contents of this Archive directly into User/Plugins as the folder structure is already included.

If you have Lots that use rail that load after this place in the plugins folder they will not display the RRW textures.

Plugins/Z___RRW Reskin/LotSupport is the default home of all RRW (reskin) Lot Support files.

If you experience any issues with these packs you can post in the applicable thread at SC4Evermore Discord.


 The following people have had a substantial hand in this work!
eggman121 "Updating the packs to RRW standard"
North Country Dude (NCD) "For the initial work foundation"
Rivit "For the excellent set of tools to make this update possible
MGB204 "For help in using the tools Rivit provided"
The BSC Team "For Initial work foundation"
Swordmaster "For the initial RRW project"

Jan 2024 rivit, MGB204, Eggman121, Simmer2 and Tyberius06
NCD-BSC RealRailway Texture Pack V1-01 NCD-BSC RealRailway Texture Pack V1-022
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