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  • Original Author: Girafe
BSC-VIP Girafe Ocean Pearl Y BSC-VIP Girafe Ocean Pearl Yacht

This package includes day, maxisnite and darknite version of Ocean Pearl yacht.
For LOTters, the LOT is available in Lot Editor, under the name: PLOP_3x1_Grfe_Ocean_Pearl_yacht.
Special thanks to VIP / SC4 devotion members for their support.

LOT Details and information:

The LOT is available in the park menu at the begining of the list.
Plop the building only on water.                       

LOT size 3x1
Building style Building: civic, Building: park
Buldoze cost 157$
Worth 147
Max. Fire stage 2
Flammability 10
Power consumption 0
Water consumption 0
Air pollution 0
Water pollution 0
Garbage pollution 0
Construction time 0


Installation: Copy/Extract the BSC folder into your plugins (let it merge with other other folder if you already have BSC or BSC/girafe folders in your plugins.

Choose ONE from the two subfolders in the Ocean Pearl Yacht folder: either DN Model (dark/true-night) or MN Model (maxis night) and remove the one which you do NOT wish to use.   

Un-Installing: To un-install the files, simply bulldoze every lot from this download in your cities and delete the files from the plugins folder afterwards.



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