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  • Original Author: c.p. (Cycledogg)

This mod will change the Maxis Oaks and Maples in the game to a various custom Elms, Oaks, Cottonwoods, Macadamias and Pines. The Maxis trees affected by this mod include Mayor Mode Trees (MMPs) and Props. Note that this will change Maxis Oak/Maple tree props on all lots, including custom Lots and Farm Fields. God Mode trees are not affected.

This pack contains the following file:

  • CP_MaxisOak_Replacement_Mod.dat

Change Log:
updated to v2 on 23 January 2024

  • changed parent folder name from z____CP Mods (with 4 underscores) to z___CP Mods (with 3 underscores) to make it in line with the folder name of the CP Terrain and Tree controllers. The dedicated subfolders have been removed from the zMaxis Tree Replacements folder, therefore the DAT files can be found in this folder. 
  • updated readme, description and readme location. 


This file is compatible with various Palm tree replacement mods, such as the CP Palm To Lodgepole mod.
This download is only compatible with SimCity 4 "Rush Hour" or SimCity 4 Deluxe.



Copy/Extract the z___CP Mods parent folder into your Plugins. If you extracted the ~Documents folder into you plugins too, it's highly recommended to keep it, but move it out of the Plugins folder.
Maxis Oak/Maple tree props in existing cities will automatically turn into various custom trees. God mode trees are not affected by this mod.


Simply remove this file from your plugins. The affected trees will automatically revert back to Maxis Oak/Maple trees.



The usage of this download is at your own risk.


Thanks to members of the BSC for testing this mod including JMyers2043, Mattb325, Colyn, Andreas Roth and others who provided additional feedback. Thanks to JMyers2043 for the screenshot pic.
Project ZIP repackaging by Tyberius06.


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