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  • Original Author: Simmer2
SM2 RRW Legacy Lottex Mega Texture SM2 RRW Legacy Lottex Mega Texture Pack

These are the old RRW texture set originally created by Indiana Joe and Swordmaster for usage with the NAM. Full permission was granted before release.

It was never packed as a texture pack for lot creations. I just run them through Photoshop to make them crisper/darker and re-IID them with my texture IID range.*

They can be used to make lots for uploads as long as this pack is listed as a dependency.

Several new pieces were added including Standard RRW to my RRW texture transitions and a DTR to Railyard junction.


This new SM2-SW-IJ RRW Legacy Mega Textures compilation collects and replacing the following single textures packs and also fixes some issues.

RRW_Lottex_SM2.dat --> RRW Lottex SM2
RRW Lottex SW.dat --> RRW Lottex SW
RRW_Lottex_SM2R2.dat --> RRW Lottex SM2R2 
SM2_RRW_Lottex_3.dat --> it was released as part of the SM2 True RRW DTR Sidings Vol1

Please run the provided Cleanitol_SM2-SW-IJ RRW Legacy Mega Textures.txt with one of the third party cleanitol tools to remove the old versions. 

nos.17 Cleanitol (new tool)

BSC Cleanitol (old tool)

This upload was made by Tyberius06 in the behalf of Simmer2. The textures in this pack were created by Simmer2 based on the original RRW textures created by Swordmaster and Indiana Joe. All credit goes for them!

RRW_Lottex_SM2 RRW_Lottex_SM2R22 RRW_Lottex_SW3
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