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SC4D LEX Legacy - Map Pack is the collection of all the maps that were present in LEX. The collection includes all the maps made with SC4Mapper & SC4Terraformer in addition to the maps that require grayscale import into the game or using SC4Mapper and there are regions present that have already been rendered so it requires that these regions are moved to the game folder where all the other regions are (Documents/SimCity 4/Regions)

Requirements: Requires that SC4Mapper and/or SC4Terraformer are installed on your computer.

Created 2023-08-15T01:18:01-07:00
Changed 2023-08-24T05:55:24-07:00
Version 1.0
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Created by SC4E Staff
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  • Original Author: Sim Mars Team

Download the SimMars region pack and add 7 new exciting regions to your SimMars game!

All regions were rendered from real elevation maps of Mars and represent existing geographic locations. 

The packet contains the files needed to create the new regions including greyscales and SC4M files compatible with SC4Mapper and SC4Terraformer

SimMars Beta 3 is recommended for an immersive experience in the colonization and terraforming of Mars

Created 2024-03-22T04:48:27-07:00
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Version 1.0
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Created by SC4E Staff
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