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  • Original Author: c.p. (Cycledogg)
CPT Terrain Essentials No8 and CPT Terrain Essentials No8 and No9 HOT

This pack contains tree models for use with various CPT tree mods. This pack is not a mod, but contains models only. There are several tree mods on the LEX that use the trees models in this pack.

This prop pack contains the following file (this is a combined version of the former two separate Tree model DAT files):

CPT Terrain Essentials No8 and No9 Tree Models.dat


The upload contains a cleanitol file. Run that file with one of the Cleanitol tools and remove the listed files before you install this upload: 




This pack has no dependencies, but is itself a dependency for various other lots and mods.

INSTALLATION: Copy/Extract the z___CP Mods folder into your Plugins. If you extracted the ~Documents folder too, it is highly recommended you to keep it, but move it out of the Plugins to a safe location. 

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