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  • Original Author: NCD (aka. north country dude)

Single Track and new Multitrack switch combinations are included in this texture pack for Lot developers. Switch combinations are longer than standard Maxis switches and are more realistic looking. These designs came from the RAM development project and are being released so that Lot builders can make use of the RAM single track sets.

The primary use for the base and overlay textures is for prop placement within the lot you are trying to create. So far, all props work normally no matter where they are placed on the tile, eg; train cars and locomotives used as props will appear and disappear according to their schedule if that is what they are supposed to do. Static props will remain..., umm..., static.

Special Note on Textures used in the Lot Editor

Please keep in mind that textures by themselves CAN NOT be 'transit enabled', only lots can be 'transit enabled'. Also, you can transit enable the lot that uses these textures, but the game's automata will only use the 2 standard tracks in the center of the tile if it is used for Stations (Freight and Passenger).

The game will ignore the tracks on the left and right side within the tile and if you transit enable a tile with only a single track running through it, you may see train automata running across empty ground.

The only exception is custom made Path Files, which is beyond the scope of this Texture Pack. Future lots using these textures will possibly have custom Path Files.

Let me know what you think. Be Constructive!

As of Network Addon Mod V37 the default rail has become the RealRailWay (RRW) (instead of the original Maxis Rail). The textures in this pack are meant to be compatible with the original Maxis Rail textures. Many of the original RAM features were discontinued and never fully finalized and since the textures in this pack based on those specs, it has not yet received a RealRailWay override.
There is a similar set that made for RRW and contains some of these configurations; that is the SM2-SW-IJ RRW Legacy Mega Textures (SC4Evermore) and on the Simtropolis STEX.

Installation: Copy/extract the ncd parent folder into your plugins. If you extracted the ~Documents folder into your plugins, too, it's highly recommended to keep it, but move it out of the Plugins folder.
Un-Installing: To un-install the textures, simply delete the following file from your plugins:
Railyard Texture Mega-Pack Vol02.dat

If you use this texture pack, please give credit where credit is due.

Railyard Mega Pack 2a Railyard Mega Pack 2b2
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