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  • Original Author: Tarkus
TRK Wasco Terrain Mod by Ta TRK Wasco Terrain Mod by Tarkus

The TRK Wasco Terrain Mod is a terrain mod designed to bring the look of the semi-arid steppe climate of the central and eastern regions of the US states of Oregon and Washington. Originally developed as part of the SC4 Devotion Mayor's Diary Tarkusian Cities, it is named after Wasco County in north central Oregon, where this terrain predominates, though it also may prove a suitable analogue for other desert and steppe climates with lighter soil.

In contrast to the verdant western portions of Oregon and Washington, the central and eastern regions lie in the rain shadow of the Cascades, and receive considerably less precipitation (save for copious winter snow) and considerably more sunshine. The most common vegetation in the region consists of Western Juniper (Juniper occidentalis) and Big Sagebrush (Artimesia tridentata). The mod is also set up to avoid the dreaded "diagonal jagged edge".


NOTE: If you attempt to start the game WITHOUT the required terrain texture dependencies, the game will crash to desktop.

  • Cycledogg Terrain Mods (The TRK Wasco Terrain Mod uses the textures contained within CPT_No3_TerrainTextures_Essential.dat and CPT_No4_TerrainTextures_Essential.dat, installed as part of the Terrain Essentials option.)



This mod is in a .zip file, for drag-and-drop manual installation.

The mod, by default, will install to Pluginszz_TarkusWasco Terrain Mod. It must load after any Cycledogg/c.p. Terrain Mod files, and as such should always be in a folder that comes alphabetically after a Cycledogg Terrain Mods installation (which defaults to Pluginszz_Cycledogg_Terrain_Mod), such that it loads instead of whatever Cycledogg mod is installed.

Un-Installing: To uninstall the Mod, simply delete the files from the plugins folder. Yes, it's that easy!



  • Tarkus

Special Thanks

  • c.p./Cycledogg
  • Thalassicus
  • New Horizons Productions (NHP)
  • BSC
  • SC4 Devotion
  • SC4Evermore
  • Tyberius06
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