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ENN Sky Background Mod ENN Sky Background Mod Set

The modpack contains textures that replace the background of the cities.

The set includes backgrounds for day and backgrounds for night.

Installation of the mod is peculiar in that it must be installed in the plugins folder found inside the card where SC4 is installed. In addition, these mods are Texture HD 

Before installing this mod make sure that SC4 works with Hardware Rendering (DirectX Rendering)

You can install only one of this mod and it should be installed in the Plugins folder found in the SC4 installation folder. Be sure to read the instructions before installing this mod

Created 2023-09-20T15:26:36-07:00
Changed 2023-09-20T15:42:12-07:00
Version 1.0
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Created by SC4E Staff
Changed by Ulisse Wolf
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