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BSC Funding Mod (Sandbox Mode Swi BSC Funding Mod (Sandbox Mode Switch)

Colyn has put some extra cash from all his regions together and he has come to the conclusion that billions of simoleans are going unspent! That's why he is graciously offering some assistance to those poor mayors with little money and big plans... You'll find a BSC Funding News Message at the bottom of you News list. When you activate BSC Funding, this mod will freeze your budget (nothing goes in, nothing goes out) making everything literally free.

Obviously you can use this to cheat, but it should also be a perfect solution to cut some costs for activities that otherwise cost you heaps of money, like creating plateaus in mountainous areas or digging a trench for a sunken highway.

To use, simply move the "Z___BSC MODs" folder to your Plugins folder (usually My DocumentsSimCity 4Plugins)

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