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  • Original Author: WalkingSnake (Sc4jeeks)
WalkingSnake (Sc4jeeks) Parking Textures Vo WalkingSnake (Sc4jeeks) Parking Textures Vol 01 HOT

Contains the popular Parking Lot texture dependency by WalkingSnake (previously sc4jeeks).  From the author:

These textures were previously known under my old name, Sc4jeeks. By the help of BSC they have been updated to remedy the texture conflict reported on them.

These textures are also known as WalkingSnake Textures.  If you have used the old Sc4jeeks version, be sure to run Cleanitol with the enclosed file to remove the following outdatedfiles:

  • plottextures0.dat
  • plottextures2.dat
  • plottextures3.dat
  • plottextures4.dat
  • plottextures5.dat
  • plottextures7.dat
  • plottextures9.dat
  • sc4jeeks_textures.dat
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