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SC4D LEX LEGACY - Jeronij Ship SC4D LEX LEGACY - Jeronij Ship Pack HOT

These are all water plopable landmarks which include mostly two versions of cargo ships (loaded and unloaded) like the Ned Lloyd and the Maritime Toyoma cargo ships in different colour variation. Useful for industrial harbour areas. The compilation also contains the Spanish passenger ferry ship Juan J. Sister and the Harland & Wolff RMS Titanic.

These models are based on real life ships, for the cargo ships there are two versions included, one with a full container cargo, and the other one empty. The ships are to scale. Be advised !!!

Before installing the modpack read the readme contained in the ~Documents folder and run the cleanitol file to have a clean installation of the mods.

Installation: Copy/extract the BSC and the Jeronij parent folders into your plugins. If you extracted the _Documents folder into your plugins, too, it's highly recommended to keep it, but move it out of the Plugins folder.


BSC MEGA Props - JRJ Vol01 v2.dat - INCLUDED (you can find it in the BSC/BSCProps folder).

JRJ_Ships_JJSister JRJ_Ships_Titanic2 JRJ_Ships_Toyama_blue3
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