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  • Original Author: Peterycristi

For his Berlin BATs, peterycristi created a number of props, such as historic streetlights, advertising columns, colonnades, fountains and statues.

This prop pack contains 25 different props from Berlin and the surrounding area. The props are intended for usage on Berlin-related lots for SimCity 4. The pack only serves as a dependency, there are no lot or similar included. If you like to see those props in your game, you will have to install corresponding lots, or create your own. In the Lot Editor, all props are listed with the prefix "SFBT_PYC_...", so they are neatly grouped for easier finding.

Installation: Copy/extract the SFBT parent folder into your plugins folder. If you extracted the _Documents folders too, you don't need to keep it in your Plugins, but it is recommended to move it to a safe location for later use. 

Uninstallation: For uninstalling the files, simply delete the files from the plugins folder.

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