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  • Original Author: Mattb325
SC4D LEX Legacy - Mattb325 Commercial W2W Pack (Dark N SC4D LEX Legacy - Mattb325 Commercial W2W Pack (Dark Nite) HOT

This SC4 Devotion LEX Legacy Pack features the Commercial Wall-to-Wall (W2W) BATs by legendary BSC BATer Mattb325, which had been available on the Lot Exchange (LEX) at SC4 Devotion. It includes the contents of 41 previously separate downloads. After battling a number of technical issues, software incompatibility ultimately shuttered the LEX (at least in its familiar form from 2007 onward) in June 2023, and this package is designed to collect these dependencies in an easy-to-use form, allowing users to install them all in one go, or carefully select exactly which packs they wish to install.

There are two versions of this package that exist as separate downloads. One (MN) is for Maxis Nite (the default night settings), while the other (DN) is for Dark Nite, and is optimized for use with darker Night Mods, such as the mods by SimFox and gizmo28.

Some of the Lots in here come with additional Ploppable options, or are Ploppable Only. Ploppable Only Lots are noted as "(Ploppable)" in the installer, and those with options will have the Ploppable option deselectable at a sublevel (click "+" to expand and deselect the Ploppable verison if you do not wish to install it).

Please note that this pack may receive updates in the near future. Do not redistribute without asking first, mostly as doing so would complicate efforts to properly maintain, update, and provide technical support for the pack.


This package utilizes a Java-based installer (similar to the one used with the Network Addon Mod), and can also be opened and installed manually using 7-Zip or Keka.

To install it, you'll either need the Java Runtime Environment to run the installer--Adoptium's open-source edition is recommended--or a zip tool capable of opening the installer to allow manual installation. For Windows/Linux, use 7-zip, and for macOS, use Keka.

Once into the installer, after agreeing to the terms for the package, click to the Files tab to select which files you wish to install (making no changes here will install everything). To expand options, click the small "+" next to the name of the section.

Then, click to the Location tab to set up an installation location (this should be the root of your My DocumentsSimCity 4Plugins folder). On the Cleanup tab, click "Start scan" to find any outdated files that currently reside in your Plugins folder that may conflict with this package. Clicking "Backup" will remove these old files to a safe location. (The option to "Delete" them also exists, but is not recommended.) After this, click over to the Install tab, and click "Start installation" to begin the installation procedure. When installation is complete, the tab pop up a message indicating it, after which you are safe to close the installer.


The following files are required in order for the contents of this package to appear correctly (i.e., no "brown boxes" or missing textures):


The following BSC members contributed models, textures, and modding support to this collection:

  • Mattb325

This package was assembled by Tarkus.

Special Thanks

Webmaster & administration staff at SC4Evermore and SC4 Devotion.

And possibly others who may not have been mentioned. If your name has been forgotten or you're not on the list, then drop us a line, as it has been difficult to keep track of anyone/everyone that may of helped somewhere along the lines.

And to the community itself, we would also like to thank you for your support, making mods such as this possible too. We're still at it after 20 years thanks to you!

And last but not least, a thanks for the Maxis individuals too, for the [paid] work that they did. ;-)


This package contains the following previously-separate downloads. None of the Lots contained in the package exceed Stage 8, and all are designed for use with or without the Colossus Addon Mod (CAM).

  1. 1960s Diagonal Offices
  2. 1970s W2W Offices
  3. 5657 Wilshire Blvd
  4. Amestoy Bldg
  5. Bank Row
  6. Bond Street
  7. Boutiques
  8. British Pub (Immoderate Cur)
  9. Cheyne House
  10. Clarence Street
  11. Colourful Living Interiors
  12. Coopers Hall
  13. Exhibition Rd Kensington
  14. Foveaux St
  15. Foveaux St Lettings
  16. Grosvenor Hotel
  17. Harris St
  18. High St
  19. High Street Corner Offices
  20. High Street Shops & Offices
  21. Historic Shops
  22. Holland Park House
  23. JB Covington Services
  24. King George House
  25. King St ACA Building
  26. King St Sydney
  27. Lundstrom House
  28. McDonalds W2W
  29. Miller St Offices
  30. Newtown Post Office
  31. Offices of the Exchequer
  32. Pirie St Adelaide
  33. QBE Insurance
  34. Regent House
  35. Sim Telecom Call Centre
  36. Spy Bar
  37. St Georges Hall Post Office
  38. Swan Insurance
  39. Sydney Gazette Offices
  40. W2W Chinese Restaurant (Slow Boat Restaurant)
  41. Woodstock Road

Various pieces of original documentation can be found in the "~Documents" folder, which, while installed in the Plugins directory, should be removed.

Minor rev1 update (16 Aug 2023) to eliminate duplication of Mattb325_Post_Offices.dat.

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