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Nightlights Up Nightlights Update

NOTE: You only need to install this patch if you still use a CD-ROM version of SimCity 4. If you own a digital copy of SimCity 4 purchased from Steam or any other digital storefront, you do not need to install this patch.

This update must be installed after the EP1 Update. Upon installation, your game will be updated to Version 1.1.640.0 and will be fully patched.

To install, simply download and run the executable following the on-screen prompts.

Created 2023-07-29T05:35:20-07:00
Changed 2023-07-29T05:35:20-07:00
Version 1.1.640.0
Size 13.83 MB
Created by Daniel (SA)
Changed by Daniel (SA)
Downloads 352
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