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Lot Ed Lot Editor

Note: this has been superseded by the PIM-X - but is still valuable in that it's a bit of history!

The lot editor tool gives you access to much of the visual content in SimCity™ 4. It enables you to customize the look of existing lots or create entirely unique lots that can be used in SimCity™ 4 cities.
Because lots contain much of the visual content used in SimCity, the ability to customize them provides a great deal of power in personalizing the look of your city.
Modify ground textures, add props and make all the lots in SimCity uniquely yours. To get started, download the latest version of the lot editor now.

Download Instructions

To get started with the lot editor download the install file.
After downloading the installer run it by double clicking on it. The installer will place and icon for the Lot Editor and the manual into your SimCity™ 4 program group. A desktop icon is created for the Lot Editor as well. All installed Lot Editor files can be found in your C:Program FilesMaxisSimCity 4 directory or the directory you installed SimCity 4 if it is different.

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