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SC4DisableLotPlopSmoke DLL Pl SC4DisableLotPlopSmoke DLL Plugin

A DLL Plugin for SimCity 4 that disables the smoke that is shown after plopping a lot.

The method that the game uses to place a lot takes a Boolean parameter that controls whether the smoke effect is shown.
When that method is called by the lot placement UI tool it hard-codes that parameter to true, the plugin patches the game's memory to change it to false.

System Requirements

  • SimCity 4 version 641
  • Windows 10 or later

The plugin may work on Windows 7 or later with the Microsoft Visual C++ 2022 x86 Redistribute installed, but I do not have the ability to test that.


  1. Close SimCity 4.
  2. Copy SC4DisableLotPlopSmoke.dll into the Plugins folder in the SimCity 4 installation directory.
  3. Start SimCity 4.


The plugin should write a SC4DisableLotPlopSmoke.log file in the same folder as the plugin.
The log contains status information for the most recent run of the plugin.

Source Code and Support

Plugin thread:

The plugin's source code and issue tracker are located on GitHub:

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