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  • Original Author: Daeley
BSC Daeley Shady Ban BSC Daeley Shady Banking

This Lot/Mod introduces the possibility of money transfers to SimCity 4.

First of all, for this mod to work you will need the Regional Tracking Mod (RTM), and you will need all relevant (the city that donates and the receiving city) cities to be tracked at least once. If you do not have the RTM, you will get the building but the mod will not be functional. So go get the RTM now, it’s a great mod.

Here's how it works: when your city has §400.000 or more funds, a building called "Shady Banking Inc." will become available somewhere near the top of your landmarks menu. At first, this just seems like a NIMBY business deal, but when you click it, you will get a message asking if you want to donate money to another city. You will be able to input an amount and a target city (this is why the tracking is needed). You can repeat this process as many times as you want in as many cities as you want.

After donating all that money, go to your target city, accept tracking and let the city run for a bit. You should get a popup asking if you want to accept the donations.

The lot can stand alone or be integrated into the BSC Parks System.


Simply drop the "Z___BSC MODs" folder into your Plugins folder (usually My DocumentsSimCity 4Plugins).


  • BSC Common Dependencies
  • BSC Daeley Regional Tracking Mod
  • (optional) BSC Park Textures (if you wish to connect Shady Banking with the BSC Park Trails system)
    • Not currently available outside the JBSimio Education Compilation.  The BSC Parks LEX Legacy Pack is presently in development.

Lot Details and Information

  • Lot size: 3 x 3 tiles
  • Menu position: Building: Landmark (Building: BTE BSC Special Landmark)
  • Jobs: 0
  • Plop cost: § 10000
  • Bulldoze cost: § 0
  • Monthly income: § 100
  • Park effect: -25 over 6 tiles
  • Landmark effect: -25 over 6 tiles
  • Max. Fire Stage: 0
  • Power consumption: 0 MWh/month
  • Water consumption: 0 Gallons/month
  • Air pollution: 0 over 0 tiles
  • Water pollution: 0 over 0 tiles
  • Garbage pollution: 0 over 0 tiles 


Thanks to Dolphin66 for a lovely BAT, and Barby for working her magic on the lot and help with the packaging.

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