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  • Original Author: gizmo28
Gizmo - Water F Gizmo - Water Flora

NOTE: This file, by gizmo28, was originally hosted on Gizmo's SimCity 4 Mods, which has been non-functional since January 2019. It has been uploaded to the LEX in good faith to restore access and availability, following reasonable attempts to contact the original author. Further details can be found on the appropriate thread in the SC4 Community Preservation and Access Board on the SC4 Devotion Forums. In the absence of the original author, technical support will be provided by Preservation and Access (P&A) Project on the previously linked board.


This file is packaged as a .zip archive, and may be easily opened on any platform.



This mod makes the water transparent at the edges some and adds flora that are placeable under water or on land, there are 8 types of flora added to the menu.


To install this mod, put the extracted file or folder into your C:My DocumentsSimCity 4Plugins folder and follow any directions above, if any were listed.
To uninstall the mod, simply move or delete the file or folder you extracted from your C:My DocumentsSimCity 4Plugins folder.

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