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  • Original Author: kevdan25

A set of chain restaurants BATs by the BSC's kevdan25, on predominantly growable Lots.  Originally Lotted and Modded by BarbyW and jplumbley, and repackaged by Tyberius06 and Tarkus.  All Lots are either CS$ or CS$$, ranging from Stage 1 up to Stage 5, and are compatible with both Maxis and CAM gameplay.


Among the restaurants included are:

  • Applebee's (4x4, CS$$ Stage 2)
  • Burger King (4x4, CS$$ Stage 1, also includes ploppable)
  • Chick-Fil-A (3x3, CS$$ Stage 2)
  • Chili's (3x3, CS$$ Stage 3)
  • Dairy Queen (4x3, CS$ Stage 3)
  • Del Taco (3x3, CS$ Stage 3)
  • Denny's (4x3, CS$$ Stage 2)
  • Dunkin' Donuts (3x3, CS$ Stage 3)
  • Friendly's (4x4, CS$$ Stage 2)
  • Hard Rock Cafe (4x4, CS$$ Stage 2, also includes Landmark)
  • Jack In The Box (3x4, CS$ Stage 5)
  • KFC/A&W [Combo] (3x3, CS$ Stage 3)
  • Long John Silver's/Pizza Hut Express [Combo] (3x3, CS$ Stage 3)
  • McDonald's (3x4, CS$ Stage 3, also includes ploppable highway sign)
  • Sonic Drive-In (4x4, CS$ Stage 3)
  • Taco Bell (3x3, CS$$ Stage 2)
  • Wendy's (3x3, CS$ Stage 3)
  • Whataburger (4x3, CS$ Stage 3)
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