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 MGB204 - Texture MGB204 - Texture Pack HOT

The MGB Texture Pack is intended for lotters and includes a number of useful textures. Of course this file will be a necessary dependency for any lots made using the included resources. Please note, there is no content that you will find in-game from installing this download stand-alone.



Pick either the EU or US variant from the downloaded .zip file, two versions of the main file "MGB Texture Pack.dat" are included: If you are using EU textures. Install the file from the root folder.
If you are using US textures, Instead, install the file from the US subfolder of the .zip archive

Optional overrides should be installed in the same folder as the main package, where used. The following options are available:

  •     zMGB Texture Pack_RVT TSR Stret Override - For users of Rivit's TSR Street Mod. 
  •     zMGB Texture Pack_SAM5 RVT Override - For users of Rivit's SAM5 Rural TSR Mod
  •     zMGB Texture Pack_SAM6 DK Override - For users of my SAM6 Darkened Mod
  •     zMGB Texture Pack_SAM7 BP Override - For users of my SAM7 Bikepaths Mod
  •     zMGB Texture Pack_SAM10 SD Override

Default SAM10 Textures use HD (256x256px) resolution. The LE (Maxis) can not show these textures. But there should be no problems in-game with them. However, those who prefer SD textures can use this file. Likewise, having it temporarily installed when lotting means it will work with the Maxis LE.

Note: you only need those files for overrides/mods you have installed.


One or Two Maxis LE texture will be overridden when installing this set. All users will have an updated OWR Ortho texture, which fits better with the current NAM. For EU users only, the basic Road Ortho texture is overridden to an EU one.


Some textures in this pack were previously released on my dev threads, but this package replaces them. A Cleanitol file is included in the zip archive, where you found this readme. Running that will remove those old files for you automatically. If you are not sure if youneed this, there is no harm in running it to be sure.


V1 includes the following texture sets: Fractionally Angled Roads - FA2 and FA3 Road textures, including Ortho/Diag and FA2-3 transitions - Basic Road, Avenue, OWR & SAM Overlays - Intended to compliment the existing Ortho textures by adding Diagonal and Ortho-Diag transitions for these networks. Ortho SAM textures included too - Network "Transition" Textures
Transition from game networks to lot textures cleanly with these blended transitions - Street Textures

Need street textures on your lots? This package contains a complete set.

Water Textures - Some water textures for ponds etc, in two colour variants. By design the first 7 textures should be used in one row, then the second 7 below them.

I've included JPG reference sheets, showing all the textures in this pack, inside the .zip file. Which should make it very easy to see at a glance what textures are what. Ideally though, I recommend using PIM-X (X-Tool, SC4 PIM) for lotting.

It should be noted the IDs for the Street Textures have been changed in this release from the development version. If you have used those previously, you will need to re-lot affected lots or keep the original "NAM Streets for LE.dat" file installed. Bear in mind, since users can no longer get the original file, if releasing lots with these textures, you must switch to the new IDs from this package. I'm sorry to do this, but I figure few people will be affected and it allows me to better organise my texture IDs into the future.

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