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The SFBT Essentials contain the custom UIs that every SFBT lot uses, as well as shared textures and prop packs. The file will be updated from time to time, so please check back to this download once in a while.

SFBT Essentials

  • Includes contents directly installable by .zip, and the original installer in the _DOCUMENTS folder.


The SFBT Essentials 2015 contains the installer due to the choosable tree replacement option on several lots. The main folder contains only the main files of the Essentials by default. If you install the SFBT Essentials manually, then you should check in the _DocumentsSFBT_ReadMe and from the _Trees Replacement folder copy the choosen files (after you read the readme about how to handle them) into the main folder of the Essentials. 
You will also find the installer in the _Documents_INSTALLER folder. 

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