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Started by Pat, March 13, 2007, 01:18:14 PM

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That is awesome Pat! I'm never good at making scenic areas $%Grinno$%

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That video is fantasitc, Pat! Great work on the landscapes!! Wonderful pictures!

Looking forward to more...


Just click and watch folks thats all again!!!

OK now is time for some replies to the last update....

Posted by: Heblem -- HI Heblem its great to see you here in Waterfalls again and I know I had to think of some music to use and it was the Oak Ridge Boys that I simply love!!! BTW the song is Cathedrals with The Oakridge Boys - Life's Railway To Heaven...

Posted by: Joan -- Yes ma'am Joan i sure have nailed down movies lol... If you ever want a movie made, Id be happy to make one for ya's if that would get a come back for Wj....

Posted by: Simpson -- Simpson its a great pleasure to see you come in here again!!! I do hope you enjoyed yourself...

Posted by: Aj -- Hey Aj I do have to say with some practice that I know you will and can do a wonderful scenic area!!! I have faith in you young grass hopper....

Posted by: Bat -- Mensou-re Bat its great to see you here and I'm glad you love the landscape...  Hey also congrats on your 1st year of Capporth Heights bud!!!

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Excellent video Pat - and great update. Interesting to see how you continue adding new features in Waterfalls!

Did I notice the start of ski slope in the last part of the movie? ? ? ?

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Wow, another nifty movie. :thumbsup: You're going to have to start serving up some popcorn with all those great pictures!



Now you are not only a builder , you are also a movie producer $%Grinno$%  &apls &apls Lol very nice idea and work too. Are you planning to do a lot of movie update . I`m sure it`s look like pretty long to do . Have fun :thumbsup:


Very nicely done there Pat.  Great the way you got the two vids embedded within the page - like it a lot.

And of course, some pretty cool pics in there as well.

Keep 'em coming,



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^^Here u go -

Awesome video Pat! The music was way cool. &apls
It was great to see the waterfall in action, with the water flowing down! Such an awesome CJ you have created. :thumbsup: Very entertaining.
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Hey you did it again didn't you?

Whats that?
Produce another wikked update.
Seems to me that plain pics ain't good enough for you anymore ::)

When you update you do it in style, won't be long till you pick up that oscar :D :D

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 &apls Amazing showcase once again Pat :thumbsup:  Keep up the fantastic work. ;D

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Hello my friend
Another movie who is beautiful
Your lake is so... so.... so  &apls &apls

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This video is superb  &apls
I especially appreciate the part with mountain and waterfall is as in reality  :thumbsup:
Bravo  &apls


That is awesome Pat :thumbsup:

I love that waterfall at the start it looks awesome with the rocks behind it. Very realistic.

Excellent work as usual mate

AJ ;)

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Funny... I tell you I'm looking forward to the next update and, three updates later, here I am. I have been popping in though (just haven't had the chance to comment), but now that I do, let me say well done. The movies are good and what they show is even better. I would be interested (if it's planned for a future update) to see more of that port area from the last movie (near the bridge) if possible. Good work as usual.


OK this is just replies at this time only and I don't got much time as I'm at work...  I want to thank personally each and everyone of you for your continued support of Waterfalls... I'm sorry the last 2wks I haven't updated properly and now with some other things going on I don't know when I will get a update in at the moment...

I will be moving next weekend after I get out of class on Saturday and more then likely be without internet at home for a time being...  So at this time if I don't get in within the next 45 days, I'm sorry... But Honestly my muse is gone and I haven't touched SC4 since Thursday...  I was working on an update and then my computer crashed, not the game and then I checked and found out the news and well yea... I will try but no promisses that I will have an update here for awhile... I have some projects I got to get done, so I'm not leaving by far just Waterfalls is going have to sit for now...

Till we see the waterfalls flowing again in waterfalls...



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We'll be here when the muse returns. Understandably everyone needs a break now and then (sorry to hear the reason for this one though) but I'm sure you find a source of inspiration. Good luck with the move, I hope it isn't too much trouble. Where are you moving to if you don't mind my asking? Take all the time you need, and we will certainly be here when the next update comes around.


We will await your triumphant return when you are ready. In the meantime, wishing you the best as you get everything taken care of.
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Hey Pat,

You take care my friend.  Good luck for the move and I look forward to seeing you back in action here in Waterfalls.