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WoW antimonycat another great update here!!! I still like that paper the most!!!

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Wow, antimonycat--you've got some great stuff going on here, my friend!

Sorry it's taken so long for me to stop by and comment!

Keep up the great work!



Excellent MD indeed  :thumbsup:

Some of those pictures are really good, and show a very well designed and constructed city. The balance between nature and the city is also excellent. Way to go  ;)
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Very good work on the newspaper, which is very...old! ;D

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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Fantastic update here, the city is looking superb. My preferate picture is Victoria Promenade. :thumbsup:
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Beautiful update!  You're using so many amazing lots that I've never even seen before and in such an effective way it's blowing my mind! 


Wow.. this is just too beautiful. Will be following it for sure.

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Another fantastic update. 
Your city looks very large, any way we can get some statistics on the city and your region?

Robin  :thumbsup:
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Belmont is an large and affluent inner suburb of Endora, located West of the city centre. Belmont originally developed from a small village perched on the hills above Endora, growing both in size and wealth when rich merchants invested in the area, building grand mansions and fine terraced housing. Belmont continues to prosper today, from the profits of the tobacco and spice trade with the colonies, as well as the income generated by tourists visiting the historic attractions in the area. Belmont has been described as having an entirely different atmosphere to Endora's city centre, with leafy tranquil streets, hilly terraces and a lack of industrial structures.

Belmont & City Centre
A composite image of a view of Belmont, with the city centre at night visible in the background and the River Tansy and Belmont Suspension Bridge in the foreground.

Belmont Suspension Bridge
The Belmont Suspension Bridge spans the river Tansy and joins Belmont to the suburb of Ashton and the Brandram estate. Built in 1740, it was considered to be somewhat of a folly at the time, as the bridge has never seen much traffic for its size and length. However, this landmark and suicide hotspot is is well worth a visit as it offers breathtaking views of the city and nearby ocean.

Belmont Recreation Ground

Portland Crescent
Portland Crescent is one of a few grand crescents in the area, consisting of luxury homes overlooking the city docks far below. Although mostly occupied by merchants, the luxurious Crescent Hotel occupies part of the building and is only just a minute's walk away from the Belmont Suspension Bridge.

Belmont Village Station
Belmont Village station has regular (15 minutes) services to and from Well Street Station as well as links to numerous towns on the coastal areas to the North West of Endora.

Belmont Square
A grand square in the heart of Belmont containing office buildings, homes and the Belmont Portrait gallery.

The University of Endora
The University is a renowed centre of learning and research, attended by 12,000 students studying a diverse range of subjects such as Astronomy, Ancient History and Engineering. The main campus is located at the top of Cat Hill but many other department buildings are spread throughout Belmont.

Garnet Street Buildings

Mayor's Residence
An image of the traditional home for the mayor of Endora, taken during last year's Midsummer ball, an invite only, costumed affair which reportedly always turns raucous during the early hours.

River Tansy Houses
Homes overlooking the River Tansy's shore at high tide.

Primrose Hill Area
Primrose Hill is a road and locale towards the Southern half of Belmont, filled with leafy tree-lined lanes and a prestigious school. The area is also popular with students at the nearby university.


Pat: Thanks, much appreciation for the comment.
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Rooker1: Thanks.The 4x4 central tile has a population of about 250,000, this along with some other suburbs and small surrounding towns that I've yet to show adds up to about 420,000.


Wow! I seems I've missed quite a bit since my last visit!
Truly amazing work! I love the feel and atmosphere you've created in Endora. Keep it up! :thumbsup:


sweet new update here antimonycat!!! Love the mayors residence...

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Very, very nice update, the university looks great and thank you for the facts.  The second pic is a great effect, with the day and night lighting.  Great picture.  I hope you can find some time to enter some of these in the SC4  Picture Competition.
See you around,
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Truly nice work. I am glad I came across your MD and look forward to more of it.  &apls
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I'm absolutely amazed  &apls

By the way: nice to see Amsterdam Central Station in Endora
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Great attention to detail!  I found myself thinking, I would like to live in this city. :D
It's just that I'm the quiet type, that's all.


Another gorgeous update!  Your attention to detail is amazing.  I really like that university. 


Your updates of your really beautiful city are all really great! Wonderful work on the fantastic pictures!!!! :thumbsup:


Amazing.  &apls &apls Endora seems to me like Salem, but ten times bigger :) I really like this CJ ;)


Congratulations, antimonycat!

- The Staff


Congrats for your award, antimonycat!
Looking forward to more...