Show us your Tunnels.

Started by TheTeaCat, November 25, 2006, 07:22:15 AM

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Like that underwater tunnel, rodrigogua! :thumbsup: Good work!

Albus of Garaway

I hope no one minds me bumping this thread...

Everyone's tunnels are looking beautiful! Anyway, the reason I'm posting is because I've been wondering whether or not there are any tunnel mods that change the appearance of road tunnels? I think they are quite ugly and unrealistic. Thanks to anyone who helps!


This is about the best that I can do linkie

Hope that helps

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Sorry for my bad english....


Recognize this? Of course it Blahdy's Big Dig, but what else do you notice?

Explanation, I guess due to the game's limitation, its not like you can take an existing model, and make it diagonal, without some rendering side effects.  &sly


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A suggestion from the NAM FLUP's thread I am reviving this thread with some FLUP tunnel's!
This is the O'Shaughnessy Tunnel under New Dublin Harbor, game generated & U-Drive it traffic works perfectly under water!!

The photo above is the air vent towers on the New Dublin (north) side of the harbor, you can see the little FLUP tunnel vents between the one-way roads, the tree's and boardwalk overhang the FLUP pieces.

This photo shows the main tunnel entrance downtown.

The above is the entrances off of Victoria Quay and the downtown entrance in the top center of the picture.

This last picture shows an overview of the area, I am not showing the South Dublin side because there is nothing built there yet except the tunnel exit, there will be a tunnel vent building (think Boston big dig or Brooklyn Battery Tunnel) and the toll plaza.
Thank You.


Really beautiful FLUPsing there jpj_starfleet :thumbsup:

Now off to ask you how you made it work in the FLUPS thread...


Great tunnels everyone

Here's a rail and subway tunnel I made to connect the suburbs and downtown without having to destroy all the buildings


Nice tunnel entrance Mikeski  &apls