Casper's Portfolio - Reading - 2016 Update 1 - Hornet (Regional Airport)

Started by CasperVg, May 31, 2008, 10:36:51 AM

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I guess I will.  :thumbsup:
Well, all of the pictures are amazing, beautiful. The pictures are very nicely, photoshopped. ;)
Your cities are very nice, your use of custom content is very nice. ;D

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Very nice work Casper. You've used cp's houses very well and, in the canal pic, everything seems to just flow. It's like they aren't even separate lots, well done. The Greenacre Embassy looks like a nice building, though for the name I would have expected some more... green, some gardens or something. But it looks pretty good as it is. I also like the mossy wall supporting the train tracks in the pic with the Victoria-Plymouth Embankment. It works with the area so well. Good work.


I'd bet €25 on the fact that you want another tease... Hey, tomorrow's my last exam!

United as One Memorial stands peacefully near White Canal
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Quote from: caspervg on December 11, 2008, 10:01:06 AM
Hey, tomorrow's my last exam!
I whish you success!  :thumbsup:

And you won the bet! Teasing=pleasing
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That's a wonderful teaser there, great work, casper!

And good luck for your last exam...


I would like to live in a city like yours... it's just beautiful! And the boats in the canal look very well  :) You gave me some ideas (so I'll steal your creation and will make myself similar lots  ;) )
Quote from: caspervgtomorrow's my last exam!
I wish you good luck!
Quote from: deathtopumpkinsThanks for the link io_bg.
I'm glad I've helped  :)
P.S. congrats on the 700 posts and the 18000 views!
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Another great teaser my friend, splendid as well !  &apls
Good luck for your Exam.  :thumbsup:
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And a teaser to welcome Christmas Break!

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Great teaser my friend, like all yours lasts! :D  :thumbsup:
When I see "And a teaser to welcome Christmas Break!" i think that you put some Christmas decoration on your city. :D
Can't wait the next teaser !
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Ooh... do I see some custom lotting of those great apartment buildings?  :thumbsup:

I still have a week left until my winter break though...  :(
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Nice teasers casper.  :thumbsup:
Your cities are very nice, and your photoshopping (again) is very nice. ;D



Another fantastic teaser there! And looking forward to a new update!


Sorry for the small interruption, people. While Christmas break has started, I have been much busier than I had previously anticipated. Moreover, I've been busy experimenting with the LEX/SC4D DVD and rebuilding my plugin folder. As you can already see in this teaser, there's the John Brogan Homes, made by mattb325 and also the Staffordshire Meeting House, by SimGoober.

I don't really know when an update will be there, since I got a dentists' appointment today, and I'll have to help dad with getting firewood.
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No worries about the update Casper, I'm sure you'll get to it when you have time. Until then, enjoy playing with the stuff from the CD, it looks like there's some fun things there. Nice little teaser pic. I'm sure the rest will be worth the wait.


It's great that you have picked this back up, but it's even better that you might do an actual update sometime in the future.  Until then, the teasers are sufficient.  That walkway looks really good, Casper.
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bat, art128, deathtopumpkins, io_bg, mrtnrln, WC_EEND: Thank you!
sithlrd98: Ouch, you missed quite a lot, but I'm glad you managed to catch up with it all. Thank you!
un1: Congratulations on getting the 700th Reply! I don't know if you noticed, but your reward has been shown partially here. See the description...
threestooges: Yes, indeed. CP's Housing were lotted brilliantly, making them flow into eachother beautyfully. Greenacre Embassy is perhaps not lush enough, but then again.. the Highbury Transit Comitee don't really like forested areas...

Update 19: Highsbury Plymouth's Industry and Residentials
Well, it's been awhile; but I actually focussed on some newer, in-progress quads in the meanwhile, including an air- and seaport... Let's just show you the pictures, agreed?

Well, it can't be all middle-class residentials, can it? These people need a job as well...

Thanks to Jestarr and Gascooker's excellent industrial buildings, I think that this picture came out nicely...

As it's currently lunch time, there isn't much activity on the main arteries at all

Since the building of the local park, this once rotten and dilaptated community has grown explosively into the neighbourhood with the largest dog/human ratio.

A quaint neighbourhood at the bottom, but a crime-ridden ghetto at the top.

Some denser development, close to a few local stores, and the A51 Motorway.

More quaint suburbs, but it is soon to change, due to Highbury Transport Comitee Plans to build another station around this area.

Suburbs near Canals, a regular view in Plymouth.

The North-Western corner of Plymouth is home to more Industrial, with a dedicated railway line passing through it.

The Plymouth Council building, home to the local Transport Comittee and Politicians. A referendum was held to build a more modern building instead, but the Plymouteens bounced that idea off.

And to end with, another suburbs-canal picture.

I hope you have enjoyed this update, and that you will look forward to the next set of teasers :P
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Wonderful new update there, casper! And your newest teaser is also great!
Plymouth is a nice town!! :thumbsup:


Nice update Casper. With all these canal pics I'm tempted to ask for an overview showing the canal system. I like the 3rd pic from the bottom (with the dedicated rail line). I'm glad you opted for underpassed instead of level crossings (those can be a pain of you get stuck at one with a really long train). The little commercial area looks good in the 6th pic. The small, dense section of towers just seems to fit, and anchors the pic. Jestarr's work is impressive as always, and I like the park (and dog/person ratio. Didn't know they kept statistics like that).