PLACE YOURSELF IN THE WORLD / The Many Nations of SC4Devotion.

Started by thundercrack83, February 13, 2007, 11:27:26 PM

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An excellent place for this excellent thread.  I would suggest that each member posting just observe Dustin's simple format:

I am from [country], [province, state, district, canton, other political subdivision, etc], [city, town, burg, village, place, etc].

So, for me-

I am from the United States, state of Alaska, city of Wasilla.

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I am from Norway, the fylke Oestfold, the place Vaaler.


I am from South Africa, the province of Gauteng, and in the Administrative Capital, Pretoria.

Our GMT / UTC offset is +2, and no DLS ever!  :D
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I am from France, the province of Ile de France, in a small town, Moncourt Fromonville

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I am from The Netherlands, Province of Zuid-Holland, City of Den Haag


Currently located in Northern Ontario Canada. Currently it is a balmy -27 C.
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I'm from Germany and live in the thriving capital Berlin in the IMO best inner city district Charlottenburg.


I am from Denmark. Born in Roskilde, but living just North of the capital, Copenhagen, 12 km out.

We have slight fog and a temperatur of 4 °C.


I am from Portugal, Lisbon, but currently living in the south Algarve, city of Albufeira, and today is a mild 19ºC temperature


I am from Germany, Bielefeld
Bielefeld lies in NordRhein-Westfalen (/Ostwestfalen).


I am from the United States, state of Mryland, city of Oxon Hill. (Adjacent to Washington, D.C.)
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OK! Here's where we stand right now (in the order in which they were posted):

1. United States
2. The Netherlands
3. South Africa
4. France
5. Canada
6. Germany
7. Denmark
8. Portugal

Three out of seven continents, so far! Anyone from Asia, South America, or Australia out there? (Perhaps Antarctica?)

Also, thank you for all for participating, and especially to David for putting a format to my otherwise unorganized methods!


Hi, I live in Heaven near the Pearly Gates on a Cloud

Just kidding... I really live in the country of Canada in the province of Ontario in the northern city of Thunder Bay

I did live in Antarctica for a few months last year though ^_^


hi !

I'm from Bar le Duc, Meuse County,  Lorraine Region, in north east of France



I'm from the Netherlands, Province of Zuid-holland, City of rotterdam
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Hello All....I reside in the city of Athens, the state of Ohio, in the United States of America


Hi, i live in the UK in the county of Tyne & Wear in the city of Sunderland


Me too ... Proudly South African from Nelspruit in Mpumalanga ... that is the old Eastern Transvaal Lowveld ... next door to the Kruger National Park.
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I am from England, the county of Hampshire, the city of Portsmouth

For half the year though, I'm at Uni in the county of Leicestershire, the town of Loughborough