Bad Graphic Problem

Started by Nardo69, January 22, 2007, 01:03:54 PM

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I am sorry to start my first post here with such a problem but I am really in dispair now:

Through my whole city (large tile, around 450.000/225.000/75.000 RCI) there are some spots and this big stripe where all props have disappeared from every tile - avenues, street, roads, Maxis lots, custom lots. Replopping only works untill saving - after loading the city the problem stays.

I don't think it is a plugin problem - just have a lot of PEG's seasonal woods: only in those stripes they disappeared, around them they seem to be okay (I plopped hundreds of them!) Same goes with deadwods sunken plazas: left from the left munument they have left their propos on the right of the right manument they are okay - and I plazed the same lots mirrored there ...

Does anyone has any idea what might have happened here?



No one ???&mmm

Anyway ... I guess I have to use my December backup as the January backup contains the problem, too .... Just two week's evenings of work gone ...  :'(

On this place Thanks to Andreas Roth on the German Site for his answer!

Bernhard  :thumbsup: