Ploppables with Jobs and Residents. Why not?

Started by RippleJet, April 02, 2008, 05:03:20 PM

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No need to apologize for questions.  :)

Once you've pasted the props & textures into the new lot, right-click again and choose 'Lot Editor'. Two new windows come forth: the preview and tools. Now press 'B' for building and it'll turn solid blue, indicating you can grab it with your mouse and move around. Or use the arrow keys for precise positioning. More key commands are in the Read-Me.
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Hi all.The most important reason i play with the demand mod is that,when you have a region,every tile has a sort of set maximum population for that tile,i dont like that at all.If the demand and conditions is right,then there must be no limit to the population you can reach.


I'm not entirely sure how this comment relates either to the subject under discussion or it's last posts? Perhaps you didn't notice, but the last post here was back in 2013, well over four years ago? I point this out because it's generally considered bad etiquette to re-open dead discussions, especially if you don't have something new or useful to add to the explicit discussion taking place. When people do this, it brings such dead topics back to the forefront of the forums, making more up-to date and relevant content harder to find in the process.

As such, I would kindly request that in future you pay a little more attention to the date of posts before re-opening such threads. You are always more than welcome to start a new topic of discussion in the forums if you can't find a related or active thread.


If thats the case,then set the system up to auto delete,lets say after 6 months or whatever.


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That really should be sufficient.

I don't think anyone would want the archives or history to be removed, they are immensely useful and form the basis of the lifetime of the sites knowledge being shared. However, your comment didn't directly correlate to either the subject matter or last posts, as such this is not the place for it.

I merely politely asked you consider such actions in future, so coming back with snide comments is hardly acceptable.