Started by doug_wesson, April 19, 2023, 09:37:17 PM

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Please could someone explain to me in plain simple English, what BSC Cleanitol does, so a dummy like me can understand what it actually does

Cheers in advance


Cleanitol can do one of two things, either together or as separate processes (scripts).

  • It can be used to remove files from Plugins automatically
    A typical example of this would be when installing a Dependency or MegaPack which combined previously released files together. In this case running the script will remove all duplicates for you which having installed the updated file, you no longer need.
  • It can be used to scan your Plugins for the dependencies needed
    So you download a new mod that requires other files, Cleanitol can look for those files in Plugins and tell you any that you may be missing. It can also provide links to such missing files too, helping to make installation easier or troubleshoot issues around dependencies.

Whilst it was more utilised in the past, I still find it useful and have included them with some of my releases. But they aren't so common these days.