Using SC4DataNode to find problems

Started by doug_wesson, April 18, 2023, 07:36:02 PM

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How does one resolve a problem like this.

CSX GA Nursery - Pink Bradford Pear Tree is apparently a building is missing from the Lot

Now I went into the LotEditor and sure enough in the middle of the lot there is a square. When you click on the building Tab you get the option to either replace the builing or replace the family.

How does one go about fixing things like this.



Just to clarify, every lot MUST have a Building, so in a scenario like this I'm guessing what was actually missing was the Model, which is linked from the Buildings Exemplar. If the later did not exist, no way could you open the Lot in LE.

A Lot (in game) consists of at least a Buildings Exemplar (Properties of item) and LotConfigurations Exemplar (Layout of Props/Texture etc).

It's important to understand the differences between the files that reference models and models themselves, which are ultimately just models and can be used for any purpose if the right Exemplar exists.