I'm Modeling SimCity 4!

Started by PixelPerfectWP, March 31, 2023, 04:11:15 PM

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Hello everyone,

SimCity 4 was among my favourite hobbies growing up, and I want to pay homage to the series by modeling all of it, because nobody's done it yet, so why not. I thought perhaps you would be interested to see how it's coming along! Current progress: 19/600+ buildings modeled, 11 printed (4 not shown here), and a city-building set is in the works. Estimated completion time: 5 years. I keep a blog with daily updates. Don't want to spam this forum. See you all in 2028! 😊




This is super cool! Love the 1x1 buildings! They're modeled so beautifully


Very cool, thank you for sharing.  Look forward to seeing more!