Arlington Bay - Update:"Along Airport-Expressway"

Started by ManuelR, November 11, 2009, 02:26:06 PM

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 It gives me great pleasure to not only be the 500th poster in this awesome MD but to move it to the Classics Section. 

Congratulations my friend from myself and The SC4D Staff  &apls
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Awesome again my friend!!! Another fantastic update!!! Great city!!!   :thumbsup:

Welcome to the Classics!!!   &apls &apls


And again it looks all wonderful, Manuel ! The only little shots we can see from the airport already show a huge monster to come !  &apls
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A big thanks to all my readers who got this MD to the Classics! :thumbsup: :)


Congratulations and welcome to the classics section!  ;D

,marsh  &apls &apls &apls


Congrats and that last update looked very American! :thumbsup:


Congratulations ManuelR, this is a well deserved award!  &apls


Outstanding work!!!! I was looking for ur Cj in the other section then I found out you had above 500 posts!!! congrads
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Great Job !


Great job. This update reminds me of Los Angeles International Airport - similar stuff. Normally I despise Maxis Highway but it actually fits really well.
I'll be back soon!



Incredible, beautiful city.  I have yet to master the park building.  So much inspiration and so many great buildings!  I wish I could get marcszar's buildings to grow up in nice rows like you.  I guess that takes a lot of time and bulldozing.


Thanks for the nice comments lately. I was really busy for the last few weeks, so I didn't have any time to update here. I have to study alot, it's exam time  :D, and I changed to a new mac-computer. Right now I don't have Simcity installed anymore, I will take a look, how SC works on mac in my holidays in a couple of weeks. Still I have a lot of already taken pictures that I want to show you. So it's not over here even if there's been a little break.

Greetings Manuel


It's great that there is plenty of street traffic there. It adds some character to the pictures. Great job! :)

- just playing this game.. the European style :)

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Studies are more important than anything.  I am looking to being in a few weeks to discover new update. I have to say that your important is one of the most realistic I have never seen in Sim city.


Congrats on getting to the Classics.
You deserve it.

BTW great teaser. I'm eagerly waiting for the next update



Hy there. My exams are over, that mean I have a time to give you an update :) ;).
Here you go with to big overviews of the airport.




Great airport!  Layout looks realistic.   :thumbsup:

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I'm glad to see new pics from Arlington Bay. The airport an the area around looks great!  &apls &apls