Modernizing Golden Creek

Started by rushman5, October 19, 2007, 02:29:44 PM

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Modernizing Golden Creek

Welcome to Kinbasket Lake, a serene lake in southern Canada created by the
beskhu3epnm- HabLeUrG Dam.  The valley remained uninhabited for many years after eurpoeons first dicovered the area in the 1700's.  On February 12, 1902, The beskhu3epnm-HabLeUrg Dam was built, to allow development further down the Columbia River.  This was the fist permanent structure ever built this far up the Columbia.  It was deserted for a few years afterwards.

Then, all at once, prospective farmers found that Kinbasket Lake may be ideal for farming, due to the amount of readily available water, and relatively flat banks.  After ten thousand farmers flocked to the lake, they found that the soil was far from their previous cultivation yeilds back in Britain.  One farmer took leadership, and began constructing the first town on the lake - Breton Landing (we'll get to that a little later in the MD).  A total of four towns were built along the banks, but they had no viable economy, an subsequently failed almost immediately.  The farmers and their British roots had another idea for the region - industry.  The demand for manufactured goods had soared on the west coast, and a man named Charles Wuxford poineered what some have considered the western industrian revolution.  Factories for chemicals, textiles, and other various goods sprouted up along Golden Creek - the most promising town that was pioneered.

Golden Creek was a very short creek, and was not derived from a mountain, but what many locals consider to be an underground glacier.  Soon, rails were built (as the dam prevented downstream transportation) and the goods started pouring out of Golden Creek.  Soon the population soared to 50,000 people.

There was a generally high aura in the town.  Businesses opened up.

But every good thing comes at a cost. . .

By 1961, the creek was horribly nasty.  The water supply became worse, disease sprouted in the most cramped tenements, and the town reeked of crime.

There needed to be leadership, someone who could lead the town in a better direction.  Kinbasket Lake's population was still swelling, and the economy took a major hit - the Oriental could produce goods for far less money. 

One man prevailed, and began drafting his plans for practical expansion and economy to last well into the future.

James MacLordun

He thought to create a new, planned downtown, similar to the ones emerging in the United States and eastern Canada.  It would be developed on the old farms on the penninsula just NE of Golden Creek. 

More to Come . . .

-enjoy, Sean


For all who desire to know the SimCity aspects, he your go

-Columbus Terrain Mod
-NAM and CAM
-NHP Kinbasket Lake
-Mostly ITS, GC, Rp2005, SFBT, SG, jestarr, NDEX, w2w and other euroish style BATs
-Edmonton water mod
-italia tree controller (doesn't fit geographical location, but I like it)
-I plan on laying it out unlike any other style, buildings euro in and american stlye network setup
-I do not live in UK, so I don't know how those towns and such look, sorry
-I have a tough life with divorced parents, so there might not be an update for 2 weeks max.
-We'll see where this goes!

-sean (again)


lovely background story, and definitely builds up the excitement for the next update. Good pics, too. One I'll be watching for sure.

Shadow Assassin

Quotethe town reeked of crime.

Looks like it reeks of something more than crime. Something smells fishy here. :P

Okay, okay. Anyways, it looks quite good. Full of rowhomes, but what about the suburban homes? There's got to be some, at least. :P I like how the bridge looks like it's about to be engulfed by the brown stuff.

Is the unofficial name of the creek Schitt Creek by any chance? :P
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nice start, I'm looking forward to see where this MD is going :)

probably the best tropical forests Pat Riot
the jungle and the seaside resorts are looking spectacular kwakelaar
such stunning and natural tropical sceneries iamgoingtoeatyou
Walker's Island


Great start! Your city is looking very good! Looking forward to more...


Very interesting start... looking forward to see how this will develop  :thumbsup:
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