The Hanston Region

Started by Boernie, September 20, 2007, 12:05:32 AM

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Welcome to page 2!

Wonderful picture of that region, also nice ones of the city! :thumbsup: Great work!


Hi Boernie,

Some very nice updates there :thumbsup:.  Great job on the terraforming of the mountain areas - I'm impressed.  I have only ever played pre-formed maps by others so I can only guess at how long that must have taken.

Your mountain villages look nice - and I guess you're using a terrain mod of some description to achieve the rocky look - which one?

I look forward to seeing more developments.


Hi bat, thanks for comment!!

paroch: Thank you too for comment! This is the PEG rock mod1, from the great pegasus... you get with this set diffrent mods, just try out which one you like... a really good option, all of these are nice.

The only problem by terraforming part to part is that the boarders of the cities are at the same height. So it is a lot of work but I like it these way..
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oh my god, this hospital is full of sick people!!!


hey - I though I already commented on that great airport, but apparently not: I LOVE it. The airport signage but also the terminal lay out is just gorgeous. Well done!

Also the winding roads are very good looking. Good job, keep it up my friend!
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