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Started by Alek King of SC4, November 20, 2006, 02:39:21 PM

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I understand that much but I was wondering if because I changed the density level of certain buildings to low does that stunt growth when stage level  goes up. I did it to control what buildings grow.


Quote from: fantnet on April 22, 2007, 09:00:25 PM
Does changing a specific residential building's density level or even growth stage value causes the building not to grow when the growth stage raises? I have edited some specific residential building like R$ to only grow at low density and a particular tileset. Sometimes I edit the growth stage. They grow early on but when my population reachs a certain point say, 150K growth stagnates. I have max damand I dont know if you way will stop this problem can you help? or anyone else?

In order for the upgrading development to function, each higher stage needs to have a denser population than the lower ones (measured as capacity per lot tile). If you reduce the stage level for a high-capacity building you are effectively stopping development of that lot till you have reached high enough a population in your region.

Since the game balances the ratio between different stage buildings (depeding on the regional capacity), you might actually slow down the development if the density of lower stage buildings is too high for them to be allowed to upgrade.

If you edit a high-capacity building to be allowed to grow on low-density lots, you are also stopping all future development of that lot (till you zone higher density).
There are most certainly no other buildings available that have a higher capacity per tile that would still grow on low-density lots.

If you are zoning low-density only, your development will eventually also slow down, since the game tries to balance the ratio between the stages. The higher your regional population gets, the less stage 1-3 buildings will remain. And stage 4 (and higher) buildings won't grow on low-density lots.

All in all, I would refrain from lowering the stage or density for existing lots. You are most likely going to screw up the development.


Thanks RippleJegingt

You have answered the most hard-head banging question that has stomp me for most of the year. my cities would stop growing at some point. I stlll had high demand. Now I will go back and edit and redownload the residential buidling so that they will have the correct stages and density. Now hopefully me cities will go they way I want them. Thanks again


i have read the tutorial and it is very helpful and i got the hang of zoning and taxes pretty quickly.
one issue i am stuck with though :bomb: is how to use DT's NO MAXIS MOD. all i see is a wordpad file and i do not understand how i would be able to eliminate the lots selectively?
thank you for your help :D


Thanks I can never get DT's Thaneplace Lofts to grow. I think I"ll make a nice block of them now
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I don't get it.  I tried and tried the "moolah" cheat but it doesn't work ()sad().  I go to press enter and nothing happens. &sly  Sorry, I'm fairly new to SC4.


In order to use that cheat, you will need the "SC4ExtraCheats.dll" installed. Quite a few people have it and assume that everyone else does, or that the cheats provided by that file are already existing in the game. Unfortunately, I don't have a link to it :(

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1) A useful trick to add to this tutorial that increases tile set capability:

A lot will not grow on a zone that has more a larger height.  So, a 1x1 will not grow on a 1x2, and a 2x4 will not grow on a 3x5.  You have to be careful because a 1x1 will grow on a 2x1.

This is useful because each tile set could have a R$ 1x1, 1x2, and a 1x(+1), or tile sets could be in control of width.

2) Two useful tricks for controlling .Lot files.

Rather than changing growth stage or density, one can also change zone type.  There are a few zone types that are un-zoneable, such as military.  Do you want a specific farm to grow only once?  Change its zone to military after it grows.

Sometimes changing Stages and Zones is a problem, but there is a less intrusive way.

Each building as a LotConfigPropertyMinSlopeAllowed.  I have had good results changing this number to a very large one.  You would want to write down the original slope if you want to change it back.  There is also a MaxSlope, and I have changed this to be +1 of the min slope.  I do not know if this is necessary, but I could see a computer having a problem if the Min is more than the Max.

Using these and the previously mentioned techniques will insure that the building to want to grow will grow (provided it wants to grow).

Sorry to post here after so long.  Just a little knowledge to pass on.