Building a port - the hard way

Started by emilin, March 18, 2007, 04:25:10 AM

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Pheonix Rising

Does anyone have a copy of the fukuda harbor pack? The file on the stex has been locked due to missing japanese (i think it was) props. I think I should have them all and really want to play with that pack.


I do have it and edited the files, so the missing props aren't there anymore. I just don't know if it is allowed to upload them somewhere.
Maybe you should ask Fukuda to upload them again together with the props?

Pheonix Rising

As with most files as long as its a private transfer and not a public download there isn't any problem. Thats how I got my japanese lots/props back before the lex, made a query on the japanese lot thread at simtrop and found someone to email them to me. If its not too large a file and you have the original can you email both?

Don't know which props were missing but the japanese props are still on the stex. Links in

*EDIT* At least I think that might be the ones... in any case I have the ones from NOB, SOMY, National Aviation Club Member, and a few others for the life of me I can remember the names.... Also, does fukuda frequent the forums at all?? Last I read he was leaving for a time due to RL issues (like that's more important (kidding))