Started by antimonycat, February 09, 2009, 01:21:30 AM

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Beautiful work, Yann! Well worth waiting for. Every photo is a work of art, created by the hand and incredible imagination of a master artist.




This is stunning work! Did you paint those paintings or is this computer made? Well any how, this is a great piece of work. Can't wait for more. And I'm favouriting this thread.

&apls &apls &apls &apls


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, your back..... jesus.... gosh now i feel like i have a dirty little secret.......

&apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls

just have a look in OSITM, i hope you don't mind XD
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R e p l i e s
Wow, thanks all for the replies and comments, much appreciated indeed!

Rooker1: Thanks for replying, and thanks again for helping make this update possible :)

Drx.94: Thank you very much.

Fabian93: Thanks a lot for the nice comment. I too don't know what to write back... so you can have a cake :)

WC_EEND: Thanks for visiting, glad you liked Endora's return.

Gottago: Glad you found it fascinating, hope you stop by again.

Kimcar: Thanks for visiting! The round building, I think, is one of the props in the Maxis castle building 'Longfellow Keep' although I can't check this right now. Hope that helps anyway.

TiFlo: Thanks for the reply!

ManuelR: Thank you for the compliment!

Battlecat: Thanks! I'm glad you liked the city's 'character' because that's probably what I like most when reading MD's, even more than the appearance or custom objects.

CalibanX: Thanks! I really appreciate the nice comment, hope to see you next update.

Sciurus: Hah, I had to look up 'À COUPER LE SOUFFLE!' in a translator as I'd forgotten most of the French I learned at school, thanks for the reply! :)

Engorn: Thanks for nice reply! This update was supposed to be complete a couple of months ago but I got sidetracked for a while. I'm glad you liked it anyway.

Soulchaser: Thank you very much! hope you stop by and see the next update.

Canyonjumper: Hi, thanks for visting and replying!

Buildingup: Glad you like the update! thanks and hope you visit again.

Mattb325: Thank very much! and I've always liked to use 'fantastic' in that sense of the word :)

Yan077: Thanks for replying, glad you liked Endora's return.

Thomas Neto: Thanks for the kind compliment, hope to see you back later!

Jmouse: Thanks very much for the nice comments regarding the pictures, although I'm not sure why you called me Yann :D

Struka: The paintings are mostly digital, but a few of them started off as drawings on paper. Thanks for favouriting!

Mightygoose: No don't feel like that, it's nice to see more steampunk MD's, in fact the more the merrier! I read and posted a reply on your MD :)

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One word:

MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls HoF for sure!

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Adrian, I miss you man.


After years of witnessing countless MDs/CJs, I can confidently say there has never been one like this before. The originality is mindblowing, the pics are out of this world.


Beautiful Overview! Great Neighbour hoods and custom buildings too. I also like the paintings their great!


No they don`t comming from the castle props. It`s ok but if you remember can you let me know . Just be sure that i talk about the two round building in your animation thanks


Antimonycat, please, can I ask you where I can get the font of the Well Street Station logo? And its name too? ::)


Wow, this is beautifull! I didn't knew that SC had the possibility to create this magnificient piece of art. Wow.
Are you an artist IRL?


This is




Wow. Really Wow. So unreal real, great atmosphere. I am really not a fan of photoshopping at all but what you did is .. well, I just have the words to describe.

I hope there's more of it. And if you need time take as much as you need.

Take care

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


Although I know it is an understatement I have to say that Your pics are truly a work of art!
I can´t even begin to understand how much time and effort You must have put into them, so I will just settle with saying a big thanks for doing so and letting the rest of us see them.


It is such a joy to see another of your updates, they are truly magnificent. You are very good at making a certain atmosphere and keep it throughout your images.


I am getting the distinct impression that I'm missing something very special by pictures failing to show up &mmm
RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

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Driftmaster07: Thanks again for the reply and applause!

Nedalezz: That's nice of you to say that, much appreciated! and hope you visit again.

Glad you liked the paintings, thanks for the reply!

Kimcar: I just checked, the circular towers are from the Maxis castle, however I'm not sure if it's possible to seperate the towers from the rest of the lot.          I cheated and used Photoshop but maybe an expert on modding etc can help?

Engorn: Hi, I think I already answered your question on PM, thanks for the reply!

CrossSide: I've practiced fine art at degree level, however my 'real' work is somewhat different to the images you see on here.  Thanks for the reply!

Nardo69: I know Photoshop isn't to everyone's taste but glad you liked it regardless. Thanks for the comment!

Swesim: You're welcome, but I really thank you and everyone else for taking the time to look at my MD, because it wouldn't be worth making a mayor diary without a great community like this :)

Kwakelaar: Thanks for the reply, I've tried to keep a consistent theme and I'm glad you've noticed :)

WC_EEND: Hm? I checked the file host in case my bandwidth had maybe run out but it seems to be fine, maybe it was a temporary thing? Thanks for telling me anyway and hope you stop by again!

Tomas Neto

Really you are a big artist, and your MD is an amazing work of art!!!  Awesome update again my friend!!!  &apls &apls &apls


Amazing!  So many beautiful little details in here it's just mind boggling!  The overall composition of your cities is perfect as well, you never seem to lose the character of your city!


Beautiful update! So many details to see!

          -Jordan :thumbsup:
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Beautiful work again. I love those ships. There are trees growing along the deck of a ship in the 5th picture from the top. I love it!

Where City and Country Flow Together


another superb artistic update. your collages and supplementary artwork are truly magnificent.
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