PLACE YOURSELF IN THE WORLD / The Many Nations of SC4Devotion.

Started by thundercrack83, February 13, 2007, 11:27:26 PM

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I am from the United States, State of Indiana, Town of Milton (population of about 20)



i am from the united states....the state of california....and the city of san diego.
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Ahh, I'm from the U.S.A., born in Las Vegas, NV, live in Eagle Lake, TX (near Houston), currently go to school in Lubbock, TX.  Yeah...
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I live in the "forest city"  London, in Ontario Canada.
Born in Poland.



Quote from: imaplaybaby on February 14, 2007, 04:38:55 PM
I am from the United States, State of Indiana, Town of Milton (population of about 20)

Ahh a fellow Hoosier...I was actually born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana...I'm a transplant here in Ohio.


I live in New Zealand on the South Island in the garden city of Christchurch in the suburb of Queenspark


I was born and raised and am now retired in the City of Sacramento, the great state of California (8th largest economy in the world!) USA!
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Great idea.   &apls
I currently live in the United States, state of Wisconsin, city of New Berlin (suburb of Milwaukee).
I grew up in Canada, province of Alberta, town of Brooks.
I was born in India, state of Tamil Nadu (formerly Madras), city of Chennai (formerly Madras).


I'm in Australia in a tiny city called Sydney $%Grinno$% In the leafy inner suburb of Greenwich


Damn, I though I was the only Kiwi.  Hey Cameron.  I'm from NZ, living in Queenstown, but moving to Christchurch for a couple of months before goin to the UK.


Well, we'll add three more to our ever growing list...

1. United States
2. The Netherlands
3. South Africa
4. France
5. Canada
6. Germany
7. Denmark
8. Portugal
9. United Kingdom
10. New Zealand
11. Australia

Also, out of more boredom and curiosity and since I've seen so of my fellow Americans here, I thought I'd try to see how many states we can get. So far, we have:

1. Pennsylvania
2. Alaska
3. Maryland
4. Ohio
5. Texas
6. Indiana
7. California
8. Wisconsin

Eight down, forty-two more to go! If I've missed one somewhere, please feel free to let me know and thanks again to all of you for taking the time to do this!


Canada, 112%! Living in Ontario in the non existent city of Quinte West.


Hi I live in Port Huron, Michigan. But I was born in Manistique, Michigan Yooper Country!


Hi all, I live in England, city of Southampton which is in Hampshire.


Quote from: thundercrack83 on February 13, 2007, 11:27:26 PM
I think I read somewhere that there are members from over 50 countries in the world here (that seems like a lot, so maybe the number is wrong),

I find the threads idea quite interesting....but I felt a bit bad about that I have to reply  ;D

Now, it will be really interesting to see where does all these members do really come from    ;)
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 &apls   ... lots of hits from the country down south :)
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I am astonished by the prominence of South Africa on that list Jeronij, and Colyn. :P Do you think that might be only me and you Colyn, or are there some closeted SC4 Devotees?!  :P
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is there anyway to add location to the member list?  It's be cool to see who else lives where.


Wow, US owns that list. But Australia is way dispraportionate to its population. haha, crazyness! :D


I liive in Brittany, France in a small village called St Gelven but I was born and brought up in Chester in the North of England.

Just to complicate things I moved here from the west of Ireland.
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