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Started by Pat, March 13, 2007, 01:18:14 PM

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Lurkity, lurk, lurk, lurk...

Oops, you caught me, my friend.  Now you know where I come for inspiration.

D. Edgren

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Looks like some good preparation is going on here :thumbsup:

I'm interested in seeing how you deal with that drop ;)
looks quite high - will we be seeing a new waterfall perchance?

I'll stick the kettle on while I wait for you next update
Fancy a brew?

Kettle's on. Milk? Sugars?    ps I don't like Earl Grey  $%Grinno$%
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This will, indeed, be a spectacular sight once you get it finished, Pat! As for the teaser, guess it was the terraforming, the development and a few elements I can't put my finger on that took me by surprise. As others have said, I'm too used to seeing amazing feats of water placement! Anyway, looking forward to seeing what you do with the " heckofa drop weeeeeeehooo!!!" :D

Until then...



Fantastic new pictures there, Pat!

...and an update in my MD will come soon (today or at this weekend)!


Stop teasing $%Grinno$%

Looking forward to more Pat.

That will be one heckofa drop weeeeeeehoooo!
:D :D :D

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Hello, my friend!

Sorry for not stopping in here and commenting in a while--it's been a crazy week or so for me!

You're doing some fantastic work here, as always, and now that I'm all caught up with everything that I missed, I'm ready to keep on following along here!

Take care,



Pat, you still need a bit more rain to get those falls working  ;)

Can't wait to see how you work that drop, it's huge.

Mountains, snow, dwarves in the red room (sorry my subconcious has taken over AGAIN)

The area looks superb, so good it should be "wrapped in plastic" and preserved.

Looking forward to more my friend.



Pat, you know there are easier ways of terraforming.

Now hurry up and update already!! I have new monkeys!


uhh... WOW...?

is that acceptable? LOL

now actually I mean that :)

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Hey I have gone over your comments from the last update and Here are my replies with a teaser pic to hold you over till I can get home from this Nascar race lol.....

Posted by: Blade (aka) Troy -- Hey Troy you are WAY too funnie see my reply after your post...

Posted by: pat -- Pat cant you just wait till there are more replies before saying something?   gezzzs I swear Im bad lol.....[color]

Posted by: degren (aka) David -- Hey David its great to know you are out there and it was you that has kept me going here and I do hope you come back for more Waterfalls!!!

Posted by: TheTeaCat (aka) Derry -- Hey Derry ooh god yes you know it I would love a good brew,  BTW i do hope you will like the update when i get it out tonight....

Posted by: Jmouse (aka) Joan -- Howdy Joan its always great to know you are here and I know Ive been working with diffrent things lately and its even scaring me a tad bit to know folks like my city but I do agree my nack is water lol... So dont worry I do hope I wont disappoint with the update later tonight...

Posted by: Bat -- HIya Bat its great to see you updated your MD again and Im glad you came back here.... Im glad you liked that pic and more to come later tonight for sure i promiss....

Posted by: Alfred.Jones (aka) Aj -- Yuppers Aj that is sure going to be one heckofa droppp weeeeeehooooooo!!!!!!!!   Sorry I couldnt resist M8, its great to have you back here again....

Posted by: Thundercrack83 (aka) Dustin -- Hi Dustin welcome back from your vacation and I do trust you had a fun time!!! Btw when are you ever going to start an MD?? I'm glad that you are back and its always great to have you in....

Posted by: Toohey's (aka) Dave -- Dave my favorite Aussie let the fun begin again lol errr well not so much as IM kinda out of idea's lol... I dunno if the area should be shrinked wrapped but hey thank you M8!!! I will see u back right???

Posted by: xxdita (aka) Nate -- WoW Nate I think this is your first time in Waterfalls woohoo sweet, its a honor to have you in here... Love your monkeys and I cant wait to see what you have for the next update!!!

Posted by: Star.Torturer (aka) Joe -- LoL Joe I think that is allowed lol... I knew you meant it there Joe so no need to explain yourself!!! see you next update...

Teaser still of whats to really come here soon, like later tonight on 420!!!!

Ohh wait I guess that aint so much a teaser hmm lol sorry.... trying to be a bit funnie here but I do promiss once whoever wins the all right turn race today I will be home and post those pics of this update!!!! I belive I have at least 4 or 5 depending how i feel if i wanna drag this out a little??? Anyways till laters my friends and again I encourage you lurkers to post and say what you like or dont like here.... Ask anyone I do my best to get it right!!!



NB:  I just found this site here [linkie] it indexes some Cj/Md's its too bad that mine dont link right lol but hey its worth a look at???

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Ahhhh, this is what I'm more used to......STUNNING countryside.  Love it.


OK its later and Im home now wooohooooo!!! Man who would of thought that 80 laps would last over 3.5 hrs??? Anyways Paul thank you for stopping in as that saves me from bumping my own thread lol....  Belive me Paul I think I got my grove back with the "Stunning Countryside" and so without further ado here we go with the "Big Drop weeeeeeehooooooo!!!!!!!"

anther new effect from me lol, see if you can spot it......  ;)

PIC 1:

PIC 2:

PIC 3:

PIC 4:

Hey Derry I saw you Lurking here get back here and say hi lol!!!!

NB: Hey I haven't done this in a long time so here is the NEW TOC up to date!!!!

Ohhhh Heck Update Number One gotta have a hotlink for it lol......

Update Number Two.....

Update Number Three......

Update Number Fourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......

Mini Update Number One... The first teaser the worst at the most of it....

Mini Update Number Two.... Gezzs I am mean lol

Update Number Five with Replies to wonderful Comments........

Mini Update Number ummm Yea Three........

UPdate NUMber what now i think im at SIX wow....


Skinny Mini UPDATE number FOUR

FLooding of an UPDATE Number Eight.... Yea i said FLooD

UPdate NUMBER Nine with addded bonus of comments to this update niiiiiice.............

UPdate number 10.... Chippewa Lake and Chippewa Creek's spillway

UPDate NUMBER 11.... Attempted Tuturial on a waterfall... lol yea me do one of those lol... Part ONE

Thanks to Emilin.... UPDATE 12 with a better waterfall.... Part TWO of tuturial

Mini UPDate Number 5

My Month in the SPOT LIGHT wow.... "pat, congrats!  Nature masters are made, not born... 05/07"

mini update number 6

UPDATE NUMBER 13.....  Lady Lake reborn.

update number 14.... page 8 niiiiiiice

Update 15... Filling in Lady Lake

Mini Annoucement with Replies

Update # 16 Building Of Lake Placid.... BAD PUN ALERT!!!!

Update # 17 Lake Placid Completed... Needing feedback on this!!!

Newspaper Edition Update # 18 with also teaser.....

A wierd Question about these thingies? ? ? ?? ?

Not The RIMP teaser Alert.... Update # 19

Not The RIMP Teaser # 2______Update # 20

Not The RIMP Teaser # 3______Update # 21

Not The RIMP Movie_______Update # 22

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Update # 25______Waterfalls and other Points of Intrest......

Waterfalls is going CAMified_____Update # 26

Thanking a Special Friend for the Bump to CLassic....

Part of Tribute To Ryan aka Filasimo........ Update # 27

Announcement about Waterfalls and CAM EEEEEEEK...........

Replies to concerns about Waterfalls.......................

Waterfalls Update with Teaser_______Update # 28

Update # 29______Waterfalls.... Making you guess what the next update is gonna be???

Waterfalls Winner Announced and Update Tribute to Dustin___________Update # 30

Part 2 of Tribute to Dustin______________Update # 31

Part 2_A of Dustins Tribute________________Update # 32

Waterfalls With 100% pure beef to chew on_________Update # 33

Waterfalls with a Special Thanks to All....................

Waterfalls introduces Thundercrack Falls____________Update # 34

Waterfalls Replies To Comments by the viewers for the viewers...........

Replies to comments and I became the 3rd Guru Of Devotions.......

Minor Update with Teaser attached lol__________Update # 35

Replies to comments and a RL pic of me and my truck...........

Region View Courtesy of SUM aka Start UP Manager_______UPdate # 36

Replied to your Comments................

Farmington Heights Twin Lakes featuring TPW_______________Update # 37... Page 20 TOC

Farmington Creek part 1________Update # 38

Farmington Creek part 2___________Update # 39

Update Number 40 is on the books

Special TuT on how to get the right Creek_______Update # 41

A special update to the Vets__________Update # 42

UpDate # 43

UpDate # 44 Teaser

UpDate # 44 MIS and RHW

UpDate # 45

UpDate 46 Christmas Special UPDATE..........

UpDate # 47 special not special UpDate.......

UpDate # 48 special Lowes... Page 25 TOC

Update # 49 RHW & MIS special

Update 49 River Devolpement...

Update 50 the Completed River!!!

Replies to update 50

Extra Replies and a Teaser

Update 51 the update that failed

Replies to your comments from update 51

Update 52 Special Tribute to you all part One!!!

Update 53 Special Tribute to you all part Two!!!

Update 54 Special Tribute to you all part Three!!!

Special Quick Note to all!!!!!

Update 55 Something Different from me!!!

Update 56 Still Something Different from me!!!

Update 57 Yet still again something Different from me lol!!!

Update 58 Something Screwwie Here Boss!!!

Update 59 Teaser here Boss!!!

Update 60 More Devolpement of the Area!!!!

Replies to your Comments and Update Later Tonight!!!!

Update 61 One heckofa drop weeeehoooo!!!! page 32 TOC

OK that is the TOC to current Update # 61.... - pat

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My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


Wonderful new pictures, Pat! And nice updating on the ToC! ;)


For some reason, most of the pics are not showing up.

Look for me at ... Becca At Bat


Hey Becca,  hmmm I seem to be noticing this myself and I think its something to do with Imageshack itself.... Ive noticed several other people are having problems with pics from guess where Imageshack lol.....  All I can think of is come back later and see if works then...

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yeah, Imageshack is being hinky.  I was going to upload an update, but it wasn't running.  &mmm


Nice update  &apls
I like what you did with the falls mate
And as for that effect I cannot spot it $%Grinno$% so it works well then &apls

A suggestion - try to use less of the florescent green plant by gizmo.
He has a tall dark green one (not the reed bush) that would work equally well if not better in that
location - just my 2p's worth

I wasn't lurking  $%Grinno$% I was putting your tea down there by your right hand ::) :D :D

Kettle's on. Milk? Sugars?    ps I don't like Earl Grey  $%Grinno$%
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Ah yes, Pat is back to showing off his talents with all things water related! :thumbsup: Indeed, that is quite a drop off, and it looks great to boot!

Until later...


Yo man, I can your Sims going tubing down those waterfalls :D and screaming yee-haw all the way down :P  Joking aside, this was a very 'green' update and was perfect timing for Earth Day.  Excellent work as always.

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