Started by Muzz, April 21, 2007, 08:49:22 AM

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Really enjoying what I have seen so far and looking forward to the next update.  Good luck with the exams.  You'll hae had your award...
First things first, but not necessarily in that order.


Congratulations, Muzz! Calderwood looks fantastic, and is definitely worthy of "Special Interest" status! Good luck with your exams, and I'll be looking forward to your next update!


Hello all, my exams are almost over!  :thumbsup:

I have played SC4 once or twice the last few days and I'm getting back into it. Coming up after my exams I have a storyline that will involve war with a neighbouring country, and I will including a lot of in game pictures from that, not just a big long boring text! But don't worry, Calderwood won't get bombed to pieces, I can reveal that much!

Anyway, since you have been so patient I have a quick mosaic to post, it's only small, but it's of once of my favourite parts of the city and  should hopefully keep you going till after my exams! I will do replies in the next official update.

Thanks for being patient, I will return in the next few weeks with an official update!


It's a great mosaic there! Like the building at the top! :thumbsup:


I still think that we need to work out the kinks in the storyline though :P


Beautiful mosaic, Muzz! I love the diagonal buildings and the nightlighting. Can't wait to read the backstory! Keep up the good work, my friend!


I can understand why this is a favourite part of your city, looks very good.


I realise I have neglected my duties as a MD "Of Special Interest", but it was beyond my control, exam preparation took over, it was necessary. But with one exam left and the pressure relieved, I have finally been able to get back to SC4, and with it I bring an update! Ok, so it is kind of smallish, but it's the best I can manage at the moment, so please sit back and enjoy!


guurgkud - Thanks!
DFire870 - Thank you, that was one of the things I wanted to improve since my last attempts at this, the overall presentation!
M4346 - Thank you, it has been very accomodating here, but maybe I'm biased because I was given "Of Special Interest" very quickly!  :P Thank you for the positive words!
jayo - Thanks!
kwakelaar - Thank you, I hope you will enjoy your stay in Calderwood!
jeronij - Thank you, it means a lot to have a personal visit from the Great Overlord!  :P
Tarkus - Thank you, I was hoping to open my CJ up to a wider audience after I received such positive feedback at ST!
badsim - Thanks, I like to use Porkies trees in my plazas and parks, they look better with a concrete base. I'll look into getting some trees to line my roads, I have the street mod for trees but it didn't work and I've been to lazy to look into getting it fixed!  :P
dedgren - YAY!!! ;D Thank you!
yoder - Thank you, I look forward to sharing my work with SC4D community
metasmurf - Thanks!
patfirefghtr - Thank you, congrats on yours too!
belfastuniguy - Thank you, Stormont!  :P
strechnitz - Thanks, I like to go for a sense of realism when making my cities!
bat - Thank you, hope this is the kind of thing you were looking forward to!
rooker1 - Thanks, I like to play with my own style!
sebes - Thank you very much!
emilin - Thanks, at least you did find it!
Muzz - Quiet you.
stewart_garden - Thanks, I'm quite confident about my exams now that most of them are over!
thundercrack - Thank you, you need look forward no more!
bat - Danke schon!  :P
yoman - Indeed we do!
thundercrack - Thanks, it shouldn't be too long before I get the first part of the story up.
And Finally:
kwakelaar - Thank you, though I think I like the new part best now!

Thank you for viewing this update, please comment if oyu have enjoyed it or have anything to say about it!



Wow....another fantastic update.  I really like the biuldings in picture three, four and five.  Where did you get them if you don't mind me asking?

Robin   :thumbsup: &apls
Call me Robin, please.


Whoo!  Worth the Wait!

Hope your exams went really well, Muzz.  It's apparent you didn't lose your touch here- Calderwood is mighty easy on the eyes.

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Yes, a really great update with fantastic pictures also with great buildings! :thumbsup:


nice work Muzz, I really like the way you've created the intelligence building. Also, the sunken park work looks tastefully done, congrats on a job well done.


Wow! Another stunning update! I love it! I do have a question for you, though: Where can I find the buildings you're using for Caladian Intelligence and the Highlander Hotel?


Wheres my embassy  :angrymore: :P Quite nice but remember to plop the traffic gens next time ;)


Quote from: Yoder7652 on May 25, 2007, 09:56:52 AM
nice work Muzz, I really like the way you've created the intelligence building.
I have also taken a closer look at that one, if it is one building combined several times it is very well done.
Love the update, some nice shots from Calderwood


Bloody great CJ.Like a mix of britsh/dutch/US.Love your plazas  :P
I'm back


Thanks for the comments everyone, I don't have time to do personal replies yet, I'll do them when I next do an update in about a week or so, but I have been playing around with Photoshop, and this is an experiment because I love weather pictures, and I might use similar concepts in future updates, so tell me what you think!

I realise the lightning looks a bit odd and out of place, but any criticisms and comments are welcomed!



Maybe the lightning could have looked more like a branch instead, but otherwise, I like it.

Robin   ()stsfd()
Call me Robin, please.


I think the lightning looks good, Muzz! Though wouldn't it strike closer to the top of the big building to the right?


That's an awesome picture at night! Nice lightning!